Celebrate Mother-Daughter Success in Nursing School Graduation

A Heartwarming Mother-Daughter Achievement

Anyone who has experienced the thrill of completing their education eagerly awaits graduation day. Surrounded by loved ones, it is a time of celebration and accomplishment. But for one exceptional mother-daughter duo, graduation day held even more significance. Together, they achieved a remarkable feat: graduating from East Carolina University’s registered nurse program.

An Unprecedented Milestone

In a truly unprecedented occurrence, a mother and daughter from the same family both donned their graduation gowns. Recognized by the institution as a first-of-its-kind achievement, the mother-daughter team has been making waves since the beginning.

A Case of Mistaken Identity

At first glance, Jessica Van Wagenen and her daughter, Keelin, were mistaken for sisters. Jessica fondly recalls the moment, “They initially mistook us for sisters, and I had to clarify that I was the mother and we were working together.” This dynamic duo proved that it’s never too late to pursue dreams and create a profound bond through shared experiences.

Postponing Dreams for the Sake of Family

Jessica Van Wagenen, a former marine who is now retired, made the selfless decision to postpone her aspirations to raise her daughters. Explaining her choice, she shared, “We were always picking up and moving, and their dad was kind of in and out all the time, so I always believed the children needed some form of stability.” Putting her children’s needs first, Jessica decided to forgo attending college, prioritizing stability for her family.

Mutual Pride and Support

Keelin Van Wagenen, Jessica’s daughter, couldn’t be prouder of her mother for refusing to abandon her ambitions. “I tell her every day that I’m proud of her, and she continued to do what she wanted to do,” Keelin gushed. The bond between this remarkable mother and daughter is an inspiration to us all.

Building Successful Careers, Together

Both women have now embarked on their nursing careers. Keelin works as a pediatric nurse at ECU Health, while Jessica fulfills her calling as an operating room nurse for Carteret Healthcare. With each passing day, they carry the memories of their shared nursing school journey, cherishing the unique experience they had together.

A Journey Worth Sharing

Reflecting on their experience, both Jessica and Keelin express their delight in being able to share the nursing school journey. “It’s a lot of fun. Being able to share that with my daughter is extremely lovely,” Jessica shared with a heartfelt chuckle. Keelin echoed her sentiments, saying, “It feels refreshing. I went with my mom when some traveled ‘with their siblings or significant others.'” Their bond of kinship and common purpose has woven a tapestry of love and achievement that will forever bind this mother and daughter.

Join Their Journey

Witnessing the dedication and determination of this extraordinary duo is truly heartwarming. Let’s rally together to support Jessica and Keelin as they embark on their professional journeys in the healthcare field. By sharing this uplifting tale, we can spread happiness and inspire others never to give up on their goals.

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