Cashier shames elderly man for paying with coins, but when other customers intervene this is what happens

The challenges that life presents can be a test of many different virtues: sometimes it’s a test of patience, and other times it’s a test of kindness.

It appeared as though some sort of sociological experiment was being carried out in the context that we were looking at.

It started with an elderly man, progressed to a line at the grocery store cash register, and culminated with an unfriendly cashier.

In the video that can be found on YouTube, an elderly gentleman can be seen holding up a line at a grocery store with all of his change.

However, it appears that the cashier was the only person who was impolite and irritated…

While she griped about having to wait for him to count the change before he could pay her, the person standing behind him was not only eager to assist him in counting but also exceedingly patient and composed throughout the whole.

The purpose of the experiment was to test people’s reactions when they saw someone paying with a significant number of coins.

People have a long-standing tendency to become agitated when they are given change because, for some reason, they believe that the coins do not represent real money and that receiving change is a sign of being inconvenienced or of not having enough money.

But this opened our eyes to the fact that there is always a different lens through which to view things. And those individuals responded to this elderly man with the utmost decency and compassion.


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