Bobby Sherman: The Teen Hero Who Sacrificed Fame for Family and Saving Lives

Introduction: A Musical Star Turned Hero

Bobby Sherman, the renowned musical star of the 1960s and 1970s, captured the hearts of millions with his talent and charm. Whether you were a teenager or grown-up back then, it’s hard to find someone who didn’t have a crush on him at some point. But there’s more to the story of Bobby Sherman than just his Hollywood career. At the height of his fame, he made a selfless decision to leave the entertainment world behind and focus on something more important: saving lives.

Early Years: A Rising Star in the Making

Bobby Sherman was born on July 22, 1943, in Santa Monica, California, and raised in the nearby town of Van Nuys. From a young age, he displayed a natural talent for music, mastering multiple instruments like the trumpet, piano, and guitar. While attending Birmingham High School, he joined a band and discovered his love for singing. Throughout his life, Bobby would go on to learn to play an incredible 16 instruments.

After graduating from high school in 1961, Sherman enrolled at Pierce College in Woodland Hill, California. Little did he know that his time at college would change his life forever. It was there that he met his girlfriend while studying child psychology. At a cast party for “The Greatest Story Ever Told,” his musical talents caught the attention of the crowd and kickstarted his path to stardom.

Hollywood Beckons: From Party Performances to the Big Screen

“I was always the guy who had the audacity to stand up and sing in front of everyone,” Bobby later revealed. With friends already in the music industry, his connections helped him showcase his skills at the Hollywood party. Surrounded by celebrities like Sal Mineo, Natalie Wood, and Jane Fonda, Bobby’s talent stood out, and Mineo even took him under his wing as a mentor.

Within a few days, Bobby received an audition opportunity, thanks to a tip from one of the party attendees. He landed a starring role on the television show “Shindig,” which marked the beginning of his acting career. From there, his popularity soared, and he appeared on shows like “The Monkees,” “Honey West,” and “The FBI.” However, Bobby’s big break came in 1968 when he starred in “Here Come The Brides” as the memorable character Jason Bolt.

Fame and Its Toll: Bobby’s Music Career Takes Off

As his television career flourished, so did Bobby’s music career. His young audience adored his albums, with hits like “Julie, Do Ya Love Me,” “Easy Come, Easy Go,” and “Little Woman.” He sold millions of records and solidified his status as a genuine teenage heartthrob. Albums like “Sixteen” and “Tiger Beat” became favorites among fans.

However, Bobby’s busy schedule filming five days a week and performing evening shows on weekends took a toll on him. He found himself disoriented and constantly on the move, with little time to enjoy the success he had achieved. But everything changed when he turned his attention to his most important role yet: being a father.

A Heroic Transition: From Entertainment to Saving Lives

Bobby Sherman’s dedication to his children led him to make a life-altering decision. Aware of the accidents and injuries that come with raising kids, he enrolled in classes to equip himself with the skills to handle emergencies. He completed first aid and CPR courses and even became a volunteer EMT.

In 1992, Bobby joined the Los Angeles Police Department as a first aid instructor for police officers and eventually became a sworn police officer. He displayed incredible bravery and devotion to duty during the Northridge earthquake in 1994. While many chose to hide, Bobby drove to the epicenter to help those in need. His knowledge and presence made a difference in countless lives.

Cherished Memories: A Hero, an Entertainer, and a Father

Throughout his career transition, Bobby Sherman never forgot his roots as an entertainer. He continued to record music in his makeshift studio and even ran into some of his loyal fans while on duty as a police officer. Bobby’s charisma and kindness still shone through, bringing smiles and comfort to those in need.

While his foray into saving lives was fulfilling, Bobby ultimately left the entertainment industry to focus on his family. In 2011, he married Brigette, and together, they founded The Brigitte and Bobby Sherman Children’s Foundation, a youth center in Ghana dedicated to music and education.

Today, at 79 years old, Bobby Sherman remains an icon who touched the lives of millions. His selfless decision to sacrifice fame for family and saving lives sets him apart. Let’s honor the great singer by sharing this article with our friends and family on Facebook.

“You never know what’s going to happen in your life that’s going to change you. I just made a decision,” Bobby Sherman reflected. “I think I ended up in a pretty neat place. I’m very lucky.”

Remembering the Great Bobby Sherman

Bobby Sherman’s journey from a beloved young artist to a hero who dedicated his life to making a difference shows the depth of his character and compassion. While we may miss those vibrant years of his Hollywood career, we can’t help but admire the path he chose. Let’s celebrate Bobby Sherman and the impact he made in the lives of others.


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