Blessed are the people who are forced to work for money

In the few years of my life I have had the opportunity to turn to all kinds of possible entourage, from those with ready money to those who have to fight for tomorrow. None of the situations made me smile … All I can say is that I thank God for not letting me be born “down”, as an old saying goes.


Today’s values ​​are no longer love, common sense, respect, education and honor, but the number of homes you own, the horsepower you drive and the number of vacations in exotic places you can afford. . So sad … I can’t wait to see how much money he got. I’m so sorry to hear what some people would be willing to do for a car, and it hurts me to see that parents’ love for their children is measured in stacks of money.


For money-ready children, thinking is optional, because they already have everything on the tray before opening their mouth. They get bored very quickly, because they have the resources to do anything. And because the brain muscles are not trained, they often choose clubs, alcohol, drugs, in short, they choose to get lost … Because “interesting” is not to read, to discover yourself, to love, to discover yourself as a person. .. Offff …


Relationships are formed with money, doctoral degrees are taken with money, respect (apparently, never real) is earned with money … Who else would want to think if he has enough for others to do for him? Why bother if from an early age you are taught to receive everything from your own before you open your mouth? Why study well at school when you can buy your graduation diploma and have whatever grade you want on it?


I have the feeling that money actually encourages you to stop thinking … It is enough to pick up a banknote for two or three “benevolent” people to help you with anything. Why should you find a solution, when any problem you have, your money solves it?


Dear parents, encourage your children to ask, to solve the problems that arise! I know it’s hard and your heart aches when your little one is struggling, but think about how they will cope with life when you are no longer with them! From an early age he had to learn to work, to fight so that later it would be easy for him to face problems. It is absolutely absurd for an adult to run away from his family … or at the expense of his …


It’s hard to think, I’m not saying no. It is difficult to find solutions to difficult problems … and it is useless when you are taught that money solves everything, that through them others think for you. Please don’t turn into these robots! Train your soul and mind and be human in the true sense of the word!



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