Bindi Irwin, daughter of Steve Irwin, received criticism for her ‘pathetic, useless’ response to the tragedy.

Critics have criticized the wildlife activist for failing to use her “power and contacts to truly aid.

Online trolls have attacked Bindi Irwin for using “empty words” in reaction to a “tragedy” involving a famous emu in the US.

The 24-year-old “nature warrior” has come under fire from some social media users for failing to use her “special position,” “power,” and “contacts to genuinely help” the sick animal.

Avian influenza, a fatal disease that has claimed the lives of 99 percent of the other birds on the Florida farm where Emmanuel the emu lives, Knuckle Bump Farms, is what Emmanuel the emu has.

Taylor Blake, the bird’s owner, had tweeted the Irwins to request assistance with what she described as a “huge catastrophe.”

Bindi Irwin retorted that despite treating over 100,000 animals, Australia Zoo has “never treated an emu with this particular ailment.”

In response to Blake’s need for assistance, she wrote in a tweet, “We will need to rely on our fellow animal experts with more experience with this avian flu.”

“Sending love and light your way from our entire family,” she concluded the reply.

Irwin’s post has been criticized on social media by some, who think that the family might have been able to provide some assistance.

Some readers disagree, though, and think the “silent achievers” are actually working behind the scenes to support Knuckle Bump Farms.

One Twitter user criticized Bindi Irwin’s reaction to Blake’s outreach as “such a sad, meaningless reply.”

When you are in a seemingly unique position to use your influence and contacts to truly aid her, you make no attempt to do so.

Another person wrote: “The Irwins have a lot of power. They have extremely limited access.

Thoughts and prayers are good, but considering that your family has worked in this industry for a long time, is there not someone you might suggest? another person said. “Vacant words.”

More was added: So you don’t have any contacts in your network who could be of assistance?

One would think that asking around or spreading the word in the hopes that someone with the appropriate experience comes forward wouldn’t be difficult for you.

Irwin began her reply to Blake by thanking the bird enthusiast for getting in touch with the family and Australia Zoo.

She expressed sympathy for Blake’s situation but noted that the zoo’s experience with treating avian influenza-infected animals was extremely limited.

The Australian conservationist stated, “Our hearts are with you, and we appreciate that you care so much and have such compassion for darling Emmanuel.

“We think that everyone should love each and every individual animal.

“We are hoping that someone with more expertise in this area can help.”

While some thought the reaction was insufficient, others thought the message adequately covered the fact that Blake couldn’t get help from the zoo for Emmanuel.

One of Irwin’s supporters observed, “They are being quite honest about what their services can provide… no bullshit… Emmanuel doesn’t need crap.”

I have a sneaking suspicion that they are assisting Emmanuel in finding the proper professionals behind the scenes. succeed in silence.

Such a thoughtful response. One another reason to adore the Irwins. Love to Emmanuel and his people,” a different person stated.

Australia Zoo has been contacted by 7Life for comment.

He is a fighter, and I firmly believe he will make a full recovery, according to Blake’s most recent written report on Emmanuel, which was dated October 16.


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