After being “wedged between two obese persons” on a plane, a furious passenger went on an ugly rant.

After being “wedged between two obese persons” on a plane, an irate passenger unleashed an explosive tirade on social media.

After a miserable three-hour flight on October 11, Australian-American political journalist Sydney Watson launched a vicious attack at the “overweight” travelers.

She criticized the American Airlines aircraft on Twitter, saying, “This is definitely NOT appropriate or okay.”

“Fine, if obese individuals choose to be obese. However, it is much different when I’m pinned between you for three hours with your arms rolling all over my body.

American Airlines reacted to Watson’s fury in a series of tweets by saying, “Our passengers come in all various sizes and forms. We apologize if your flight was uncomfortable for you.

Watson expressed his dissatisfaction with the remark, saying, “This is actually their official reply to me being trapped between two obese humans.

“Holy s***. So when I fly, I’ll just have a quarter of a seat?

She had described her interactions with the airline four hours earlier after being “subjected to hours of no personal space.”

Fly only if you purchase two seats.

I don’t care if this is nasty, she added, refusing to back down.

“My entire body is being caressed right now against my will. There is f****** no place for me to even set the armrests on either side.

“I’m tired of acting as though being this overweight is normal. I can tell you that it isn’t. I’m so furious that I’m at a loss for words.

“You are TOO FAT TO BE ON A PLANE if you need a seat belt extender.

Don’t fly unless you buy two seats.

Watson offered to switch seats with one of the siblings when she realized she was “sandwiched” between a brother and a sister.

“Hey, we can switch seats if you’d like to sit together, I offered to the man. On my left was his sister, she said.

But the man smiled back and said, “No. That’s alright.

Then, she added, “I started shrieking inside.”

“I support everything,”

The traveler claimed that she attempted to switch seats before her flight in order to get an aisle or window seat, but that nothing was available.

I stand by everything I said, she continued.

Watson requested “some restitution” from the airline.

Apology from American Airlines

On October 18, American Airlines sent her a letter of apologies.

I deeply regret if another passenger’s excessive use of their seat’s space made your journey AA less enjoyable and comfortable for you, the email said.

“We try to steer clear of unpleasant seat circumstances. Your unhappiness that the issue was not resolved to your satisfaction is something I can understand.

“It appears that our flight attendants were unable to alter the seating configuration.

“As you are aware, you are always welcome to talk about the situation with our flight attendants in the future.

You’re welcome to switch seats if we have any open ones so you can enjoy your flight more.

She received a $150 credit from the airline as a “gesture of goodwill.”

Watson, however, turned down the offer.

She stated, “I’d rather to take the $150 American Airlines offered me in a refund and give it to someone who needs a personal trainer or a gym membership.”


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