Beautiful words matter a lot in a relationship. However, the facts are more important.

Even if we women are beings who rely on hearing more than on any other sense (I, for one, tested this, I did not take as such only the result of studies … which, however, proved to be real), it doesn’t hurt to have our eyes wide open … especially when we talk about the one we chose as a partner. Even if his words make us happy, even if he always has something nice to say to make our day better, even if he always caresses us, we should still rely more on his deeds than on his words.


The point is, there are enough people who have the gift of speech. I know how to seduce you, I know how to seduce you, and eventually I know how to “sell their products” that they have in the arsenal. Also, to achieve their goal, many choose to use very, very small words for themselves. For this reason, turn your attention to his actions more often than to his words … which are empty when they have no support.


It’s pretty simple to see everything very clearly if you decide to see things as they are and not to make them flourish (usually specific to us women) … well, he told you he loves you. How is he behaving with you? He told you you were extremely important to him. How does it make you feel? He told you that he sees the future only next to you. Does he really support you in your plans? Is he sacrificing you for his dreams? Is he really loyal to you? Does he respect you?


Answer all your questions honestly and that’s how you get the answer to these questions, in fact they will give you the answer to the questions you ask yourself. Don’t be overwhelmed by his words, no matter how flowery they are, because when you choose him, you choose him completely: with everything he says and everything he does … and when the butterflies disappear, they might be too late to run.


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