Be very careful how he talks to you … about others

It is very possible to be the target of his interest at this moment and to talk to you about anything, because it is the time when he tries to conquer you, to show you how cocky he is and how much others are wrong. Well, it’s time to open your eyes and ears well, because now you know a lot … especially if you’re interested in him.


Your discussions are endless and revolve around any topic, from what dishes you prefer, to friends and … exes. Oops! It gets interesting here. Listen carefully and see what he has to say about them, because it is very likely that all the compliments will be of complacency, and now you will know him as he really is. Even if you feel special due to the fact that you are his new occupation, he gives importance to his words … because at some point he might talk about you like that.


Maybe you like him a lot, but the fact that he talks badly about his exes only means that he will continue to do so, that he is probably left with some frustrations that he should solve … and I sincerely advise you to you slowly withdraw from this story, if you don’t want to change his way of thinking … which I don’t encourage, because it’s not fair to either of you. You can also tell from his words if he has passed on or is still haunted by the past.


I know it’s very hard to think logically when you have a million butterflies in your stomach and your brain has taken a break to let you fly a little on the rainbow, but try. Open your eyes wide when you choose him, form an objective impression …. Or, please, as objective as possible … You are the only one who will lose if you really know him only when he will behave with you as he is.


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