Barbara Bach: From Bond Girl to Love Story Icon

Barbara Bach, best known for her role as Triple X in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me, found her knight in shining armor in the legendary Ringo Starr. Now 75, Bach reflects on her iconic Bond girl status and the love story that unfolded behind the scenes.

Breaking the Mold

In an interview with People in 1983, Bach described her Bond character as a “chauvinist pig who uses girls to shield him against bullets.” Even Roger Moore, who played James Bond, admitted similarities between himself and the character. Despite their opinions on Bond, Bach’s portrayal of a Bond girl made her an all-time favorite and propelled her acting career forward.

A Bonding Journey

Prior to her role in The Spy Who Loved Me, Bach had established herself in Italian films. Her performance in the 1971 Italian murder-mystery Black Belly of the Tarantula showcased her talent alongside other Bond girls. It was her role as Major Anya Amasova, a KGB agent, that earned her further recognition and opened doors to leading roles in films like Mad Magazine Presents Up the Academy and Caveman, where she starred alongside her future husband, Ringo Starr.

Love Beyond the Screen

Contrary to their on-screen relationship, Bach and Starr’s real-life love story began during the filming of Caveman. As they traveled together to the movie set in Mexico, they developed a deep connection that blossomed into love. Determined never to be apart, they quickly married just months after the tragic death of John Lennon.

Throughout their 40-year marriage, Bach and Starr have faced numerous challenges together, including a near-fatal car accident and a joint journey to sobriety in 1988. Their love has remained steadfast, and in 2021, they celebrated their 40th anniversary surrounded by love from family and friends.

A Shared Passion for Philanthropy

Beyond their personal bond, Bach and Starr are dedicated philanthropists. Running The Lotus Foundation, a charity that supports various projects for animals, substance abuse, homelessness, and cancer, they actively make a difference in the world. Starr, known for his artistic talents, donates all proceeds from his art sales to the foundation.

The love story of Barbara Bach and Ringo Starr is truly inspiring. Their journey from the silver screen to real-life exemplifies the power of love and commitment. As they continue their charitable work and navigate through life together, they remind us that love knows no bounds.


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