Bad with bad, but worse is without bad

It has often occurred to me that any other country would have offered me much more support than our Romania does. And I was not embarrassed to say it out loud whenever the opportunity arose. I see that our country is being exploited, I see that the promises of those who lead us often remain empty promises. I see that we are short of money, I see that we are learning hard to make a better life as far away from home as possible. I see all the shortcomings of a small country and more recently I see with my own eyes, and not only from hearsay, that there are cities that offer you much more than all of our Romania.

After all this revolt against material deprivation, towards a system set up by people who have no idea how things are outside their offices, I now see other cities in Western Europe, cities with a high degree of development. higher than in Bucharest, but also very far away.

And I see here that a man with a normal job can afford a luxurious car from a salary, a very nice apartment or a house, I see that he can feed and lightly clothe his family with the money he earns, he can even afford a rate at the bank, because the interest doesn’t kill him. I see that the differences are huge ….

And I see the freedom that such a country offers you: I see how young people are free to drink, to take drugs, I smell a heavy smell of grass on every street corner. I see a lot of people undecided on their sexuality for normalcy has been replaced by tolerance, but in an abusive way. God teaches us to be tolerant, but we humans have learned to tolerate sin more easily than His words and teachings! It is easier to say yes to sin than to righteousness and few still choose the hard way today … I see how the differences between good and evil are no longer made, and what God teaches us that is normal is abnormal for society …

I see that people are free to beg for money on the street. And here I am talking about people dressed in branded clothes, who say out loud that they need money for cigarettes, drinks and drugs. I see the freedom of young people to get drunk, I see semi-naked girls and dying at night on the street, in the arms of guys they probably hung from the club where they left … I see how parents can not be strict with their children because they risk losing them on the grounds of “ill-treatment of the minor”, because they resent them, because they deny their whims, but let alone any punishment or slap!

I see the shortcomings in Romania and that some sacrifices are needed to live here. But every sacrifice is worth making for my child to be mine, to receive a solid foundation from home. It is worth living in a place where good and evil still stand out, where my child understands that I am his parent, not a sponsor, where I am not afraid to talk to him about God and that everything is allowed to us. , but not everything is useful to us. It is bad in Romania from many points of view, but it seems that it can be even worse.


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