Arnold Schwarzenegger on Heaven and the Afterlife

In a recent interview with his longtime friend Danny DeVito, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared his candid views on heaven and the afterlife. The iconic duo discussed their lives and beliefs, addressing the future with their usual humor and frankness.

Arnold and Danny

Schwarzenegger, known for his roles and popularity, didn’t hold back when it came to expressing his opinion on the subject. In his own no-nonsense style, he dismissed the idea of an afterlife, stating firmly, “You’re six feet under. Anyone that tells you something else is a f***ing liar.”

While discussing death may make some people uncomfortable, Schwarzenegger didn’t shy away from the topic. He expressed skepticism about the existence of heaven, calling it nothing more than a “fantasy.” To him, death is the end, and once we’re gone, we won’t have the opportunity to see each other again.

Despite his Catholic upbringing, the actor’s perspective has evolved over time. Schwarzenegger offered a unique take on heaven, describing it as a mental space where he preserves the memory of loved ones who have made a positive impact on his life. This personal reinterpretation reflects his growth and maturity.

Arnold's Thoughts

Drawing on his Catholic roots, Schwarzenegger previously emphasized the importance of public officials embodying the principle of a “servant’s heart.” He called for public servants dedicated to higher ideals that go beyond personal power or party interests. It’s clear that his beliefs have been shaped by his life experiences and the evolving nature of his spirituality.

Schwarzenegger’s views on heaven and the afterlife may be thought-provoking, but one thing is certain – his candidness and willingness to share his perspective make for an engaging and refreshing conversation.


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