Are You Constantly Paying for Someone Else’s Expenses?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you feel like you’re constantly paying for someone else’s expenses? That’s the dilemma one woman faced when her boyfriend conveniently “forgot” his credit card every time they went out to eat.

Seeking Advice and Support

The woman took to Reddit to seek advice and opinions on her predicament. And it turns out, she wasn’t the only one dealing with this frustrating situation. Netizens shared their thoughts and offered support for her dilemma.

The Struggle with Financial Impact

The woman was particularly concerned about her reaction to the situation, especially because it happened in front of her boyfriend’s children. Her boyfriend accused her of being selfish for not considering the children. But the truth was, this was affecting her financially. She had ended up paying for dinner multiple times in the previous month, which left her broke. Despite this, she decided to give it another chance and went out for dinner with her boyfriend and his children.

The Reminder and Disappointment


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