Any good thing is obtained through work, so don’t sit with your hands on your chest waiting for a good girl to fall from the sky, because it won’t happen

As children, we washed dishes or packed our toys so that Mom and Dad could buy us the toy we wanted. Later we learned well in school to be allowed to play until later, and in high school we realized that it is important to have a solid education and a wealth of general knowledge as generous as possible so that we can continue. in life, so I kept my stomach on the book always when it was the case … (well, in high school there is also social life, which we think we need like air, but which, despite the negative aspects, motivates us to learn various things or to do something important around the house so that we can go out with the gang).


Fortunately, I have learned that if I want something I have to work harder or harder to get it. I hope that all parents have done this in order to get their children used to work, to keep them away from the idea that they can get anything on the tray. Why am I a follower of this type of education? Because later your child can handle it without problems, without being disappointed, because whatever he builds, he does it on his own.


When it comes to finding great love, things are exactly the same. Don’t expect anything good if you don’t offer anything in return. A relationship is always based on reciprocity, and no one will agree to give continuously without receiving anything. Yes, I admit, it is possible to meet a wonderful woman at some point, who will fall madly in love with you, who will be by your side and will always listen to you … Up to a point. Your role in this relationship is identical to hers. Do you want peace? Do you want to fix something that bothered her? Tell her, open up in front of her and find a common ground! Do you want to be happy? Love her wholeheartedly for what she is, not only because she looks good! .. And most importantly: If she tells you that she wants you to change a little thing in your attitude towards her, reflect a little and see if you can make her happy! Love is not hard, but for it there is a kind of work that must be done.


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