Anderson Cooper: Fulfilling His Dream of Fatherhood

Anderson Cooper, the esteemed 54-year-old CNN anchor, has defied the odds and embraced the joy of fatherhood. For a long time, he believed that starting a family was an impossible dream. However, life had a remarkable twist in store for him.

Cooper vividly recalls how, as a 12-year-old, he grappled with his sexuality and believed that he could never have children. “It always upset me because I thought, ‘I will never be able to have a kid,'” he revealed in an interview with People magazine. But fate had other plans.

In April 2020, Wyatt Morgan, Cooper’s first son, was born. The name Wyatt not only pays tribute to Cooper’s late father, Wyatt Emory Cooper, but it also holds sentimental value as a family name on his late mother Gloria Vanderbilt’s side. It was a deeply meaningful choice for Anderson and a beautiful way to honor his heritage.

Despite his initial lack of preparation – confessing that he never had the chance to read all the parenting books he received – Cooper has embraced fatherhood with open arms. “I bought a ton of books, but I never got around to reading any of them,” he admitted during an interview with Ellen DeGeneres. “But you actually have to read them; they don’t work if you just buy them and put them on the shelf.”

Cooper’s journey as a father has been nothing short of incredible. Despite his initial doubts about handling the responsibilities, he found himself relishing every aspect of parenthood. He credits his ex-husband and co-parent, Benjamin Maisani, for his unwavering support along the way. “Although we are no longer together, we still love each other as co-parents and as a family,” Cooper shared. It is a testament to their enduring bond and commitment to their children’s well-being.

But the Cooper-Maisani family’s story doesn’t end there. Recently, Cooper shared the exciting news on his show, “Anderson Cooper 360,” that he had welcomed another child into his home. Sebastian Luke Maisani-Cooper joined their loving family, and Cooper couldn’t be more thrilled. He fondly described Sebastian’s adorable hiccups and marvels at his baby’s simple yet profound existence.

As Cooper embarks on this new chapter of his life as a father to two remarkable sons, he reflects on how much he has grown since becoming a parent. While the thought of raising children may have overwhelmed him at first, he now exudes a sense of calmness and confidence, embracing this transformative experience with grace.

Anderson Cooper’s journey to fatherhood serves as an inspiring reminder that life has a way of surpassing our expectations. With love, support, and an open heart, dreams can become reality, creating a beautiful and fulfilling life story.


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