And they have reasons to leave …

And men choose to leave when they can no longer find their place in a relationship. Like us, they are sensitive, and they need stability, confirmation of love, understanding. I think the two sexes are very similar in thinking, but they are very different when it comes to expressing desires, feelings and thoughts (and precisely because of this women are a mystery difficult to decipher for men and vice versa).


There are also times when men leave women and rarely offer a credible explanation … because they may not want to hurt, they may not have the patience to gather their thoughts and form some coherent phases to explain their decision. Therefore, the representatives of the fair sex remain very confused after this type of experience … and as it is characteristic of them, they waste a lot of time splitting the thread in four, looking for reasons and reaching more or less correct conclusions.


I’ve noticed that there are some things they can’t get over in a relationship … and I can’t blame them for that, because it’s hard for me to believe that someone might overlook them. The first such thing is the sincerity of the partner … or the lack of sincerity: no self-respecting man would sit next to a woman he suspects of lying, and this applies to both big and small things (even and if you lie to him about your age or hide something from the past, everything will change the moment the truth comes to the surface).


Men want to feel good! (and who doesn’t want to?) they want to feel good about their life, in their relationship … so if you always find things to blame, if you can’t support him, if you are indifferent to his successes and insensitive to the hard times you go through, he will associate your presence with something unpleasant, unbearable. At one point he will refuse to try again and will take flight from the nest.


A real man will not choose a woman who will forget his life for him. If the relationship has become the source of your happiness or unhappiness, if there is no one else for you besides him, if there is nothing else to do for you besides meeting him, this is a problem on which your boyfriend will also notice … and it is very possible that he will get scared, refuse to take responsibility for becoming a “need”.


Be very careful with jealousy! If you don’t feel appreciated enough by the man next to you, don’t choose to make him jealous with the help of other males! This thing is stupid and ridiculous and will only make him walk away from you! Open your mouth nicely and tell her how you feel! Men often find it difficult to express themselves in words and that’s why you may think they don’t care, but they don’t! You just COMMUNICATE with him on every occasion, because if he really cares, you will see that everything will change after such a discussion!


The last thing I would like to discuss is the constant teasing and your desire to change it. Appreciate him for who he is, don’t try to get him to become someone else because that’s how you think he’s good. If he deems it necessary, he will change on his own initiative. If it is not enough for you that you are the only woman in his life, that he loves you and that he strives to make you happy, but you constantly want something else from him, because that’s how you imagine it should be, it could be to have big surprises. People change only because they want to. Appreciate what he does for you and accept that this is him. Tell him everything about yourself, tell him if you ever thought he was wrong, but if you try to turn him into a certain pattern, he won’t be able to accept you forever …


Nobody is perfect. And we make mistakes in relationships as much as men make mistakes. We can change these things if we choose to talk to the one next to us, to help him see our point of view, rather than constantly turning his nose and showing us superior and them somewhere below sea level. So ladies … if you’ve been abandoned, maybe it’s your fault too … and maybe he’s not as insensitive a pig as you’re tempted to believe.


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