And so, another woman appeared in his life. And all three lived happily ever after … apart.

Living, you know a lot of people. A good part of them will be women. Some attractive, some less attractive, some eager for adventure, some serious. The idea is to see your way, no matter how masculine you feel when you receive attention from the fairer sex. The fact that you respect your wife / girlfriend enough not to betray her in this way denotes not only love, but also that masculinity that you probably long for. You should know that this is not the number of women who have gone through your bed, but the fact that you have managed to keep one by your side, that you have managed to protect her from any danger and to love her with all your heart. to the end.


Possible adventures are present everywhere. Even when you go shopping in training, you will meet vulgar looks, which will be thrown at you, regardless of whether or not you are with your girlfriend. If you choose to fall into this infected game, it’s your job, but you should keep in mind that there is a woman next to you who loves you unconditionally. However, through this love he bears to you, you will destroy him if you make fun of him.


Girls willing to play most of the time don’t stay in your life for too long, because they move on to the next “target” … They don’t have anything else in mind, so you don’t have to judge them. They will be happy no matter if they are with you or someone else, because they refuse to love. They have realized that it is very easy to take advantage of the body and take full advantage of it. So you should know that a woman who is seduced without too much effort or who will insist, will move very easily to the next one, because they all have the same value for them: they are null!


And yet, you are willing to risk everything you have built with a woman for whom you mean everything to a game. Find out that she will not choose to love you while you make fun of her. Any intelligent woman will choose to leave a man who is not able to think for himself, but lets his hormones work.


Once you’ve found a mistress, you can be sure you’ll never have peace again. In addition to the guilt that will overwhelm you more and more (assuming you still have a piece of your soul), you will end up leaving pieces of yourself to both of you, so that nowhere will you be complete. If you are stupid enough to be proud of what you are doing, then you can be sure that you deserve absolutely nothing. Testosterone thinks for many, but please keep in mind that before primate instincts, you also have a brain and a soul to take care of.


You will end up alone, because your mistress is tired of you, and the love of your life is tired of suffering … They will rebuild their lives. You will succeed?


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