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And another one passed … and we let him through.

Today I want to propose a few things for 2016. Maybe many will consider me obsolete, maybe many will consider that I will not be able to complete my aspirations, but I know I am stubborn enough not to take them into account. I want to thank God for the year 2015, for the love he showed me, because he made sure that the love between me and my boyfriend gets stronger with each passing day, I want to thank him for my family , for peace and quiet, because he showed me how wrong I was and made sure I straightened up. I thank Him for giving me more and more reasons to thank Him every day! Dear 2015, now that you are leaving, with you I send away from my life all the hatred, sadness, disappointment, pride, pride that I have shown this year and that I am sorry for. I also leave the ugly memories to you and the people they made me, but rest assured, I forgave them all, so everything will be fine. I apologize if I kick you out too soon, but your time is up. And I’m grateful for how much I learned while you were here. Dear 2016, I am waiting for you with a dear heart. What I want from you is health as much as it includes for me (I’m a little selfish) and for everyone around me, I want peace over our homes, I want peace and understanding and I want love and faith, because that’s how things are. ordinary, everyday, will happen by itself, and for that I have no doubt. God is the only one who has never disappointed me and I know he won’t, even if he needs to correct me from time to time. And thank you for that! I invite you to do the same. Leave behind any regrets and wait for the good things that will happen in the coming year. It’s not that hard, you just have to trust that God will send you right where you need to be and love to live!