Amy Grant’s terrifying bike accident left her with a head injury that is causing her problems.

In July 2022, the Baby, Baby singer crashed her bike after striking a pothole in Nashville. She was unconscious for approximately 10 minutes and required almost three months to restore her strength. She was even forced to cancel some of her gigs and returned to the stage three months later, in November.

Grant recently came up about her illness, revealing that the accident had harmed her memory and that she had to rely on a teleprompter to remember the lyrics of her songs.

“My memory is still coming back, and the stamina, they estimate 12-18 months with an injury like that,” Grant told E! News before a January performance. “I’m six months in, and I’m feeling great!” I expect things to become better.

“So far, I’m using a teleprompter,” she added. “There will be one tonight. I’m overjoyed. On the Christmas Tour, I used a teleprompter.”

“Honestly, I can’t recall what I don’t remember,” Grant, 62, said in another interview with Fox News. So, the other night, I went out to dinner with a high school acquaintance. We used to sleep over at each other’s residences. ‘I’m sorry to ask, but are you and your spouse still together?’ I said. Douglas died seven years ago, and it was as if I was hearing it for the first time!”

Grant hadn’t mentioned her recovering for the first time.

“Last week was my first time back on stage, and I can’t think of a gentler way to re-enter the spotlight than playing a Christmas concert with my close buddy Michael W. Smith,” Grant stated at the 45th Kennedy Center Honors.

“That first day was nerve-racking for me. I lost the lyrics to songs I wrote. I’m just on a healing path, but this time it’s here. “You know, love and kindness are also incredibly healing, and I’m not joking – I feel full from head to toe,” she explained.

She said that her husband, Vince Hill, is her biggest supporter.
“He’s just been incredibly patient.” “Vince has a way of grounding the area we’re in even without uttering a word,” she continued.

“I remember thinking early on, ‘What if I’m different? What if I’m not the same?'” “Hey, every day we wake up a bit different, and we love each other, and it’s good,” he remarked.

“I feel like my old rascally self,” she continued.

We hope Grant can retrieve her memories entirely and will not have any problems in the future.

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