Amazing Albino Sisters: Born 12 Years Apart, Now Famous Models

Breaking Barriers with Albinism

Albinism is an uncommon genetic disorder that results in a distinct lack of pigmentation in the skin, eyes, and hair. Despite its rarity, a Kazakh couple defied the odds and had not one, but two albino children, born 12 years apart. Meet Asel and Kamila, the remarkable sisters who have not only embraced their unique appearance but have also become sought-after models.

A Surprise Entrance

When Asel, the elder sibling, was born albino, her mother Aiman Sarkitova was shocked. At that time, genetic understanding was less advanced, and the physicians themselves were astounded. Imagine their surprise when 12 years later, Kamila was born with the same condition.

Uniting Their Distinctiveness

With their distinctive appearance, these two siblings make quite a striking sight. Realizing the power of their uniqueness, they joined forces and started a modeling partnership. Asel has already been in the modeling industry since the age of ten, but with her 2-year-old sister by her side, their popularity has soared. They now have a combined following of over 33,000 on Instagram.

Embracing Challenges with Grace

Living with albinism has its challenges, such as sensitivity to sunlight. Asel shared her strategies for coping, stating, “I apply sunscreen, wear protective clothing, headgear, or even use an umbrella when venturing outside in the afternoon.” However, she also finds solace in the evenings when the sun is less intense.

The Strength of Sisterhood

Albinism can often make individuals feel isolated due to its rarity. However, these two sisters find comfort in knowing they will always have each other. Having a relative who shares their condition is a unique bond that brings them strength in the face of any challenges life presents.

Raising Awareness and Celebrating Beauty

Not only are these sisters breaking barriers in the modeling industry, but they are also using their success to raise awareness about albinism. Asel stated, “Many people do not know what albinos are.” By sharing their incredible story and stunning images, we hope to shine a spotlight on the beauty and strength of individuals with albinism.

In our opinion, these sisters are truly gorgeous. Join us in celebrating their journey and share this amazing tale to inspire others.


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