Alternative Housing Options: Thinking Outside the Box

Are you tired of the same old houses? Looking for something unique and affordable? Well, you’re in for a treat! In recent years, alternative housing options such as buses, tiny houses, and shipping containers have been gaining popularity. These unconventional homes offer both comfort and customization. But did you know that this trend started long ago? Let me take you on a journey through the extraordinary housing adventure of Jo Ann Ussery.

A Widow’s Journey

Jo Ann Ussery’s story begins in 1993 when her home in Benoit, Mississippi was devastated. As a widow with two children and limited funds, finding a new place to live seemed almost impossible. She considered buying a trailer, but quickly realized it wouldn’t be enough space for her large family.

But then, Ussery’s in-law Bob, an air traffic controller, suggested something truly unique – living on a plane! Intrigued by the idea, Ussery went to see a disassembled Boeing 727. It was love at first sight, and she purchased it for just $2,000, shipping included.

She affectionately named her new home “Little Trump” after discovering that Donald Trump also owned a private Boeing 727. With a budget of less than $30,000, she embarked on the challenging task of transforming the plane into a functional living space.

From Airplane to Dream Home

To ensure stability during the interior renovations, Ussery placed the plane on her property with its nose pointing out over a beautiful lake. The tail was secured with a substantial amount of concrete.

With an interior space of around 1,500 square feet, Ussery wasted no time in revamping the airplane. Sure, the windows didn’t work, but thanks to air conditioning, that was a small inconvenience.

Ussery focused on improving the comfort and aesthetics of her one-of-a-kind home once the major renovations were complete. She created three bedrooms, a cozy living room, a fully-functional kitchen, and even a laundry facility within the plane.

But perhaps the most impressive transformation was turning the cockpit into a luxurious master bathroom with a soaking tub. Imagine the delight of taking a bath while enjoying a stunning view of the lake. It was a true floating sensation!

A Legacy of Ingenuity

Remarkably, Ussery completed the entire renovation herself. From 1995 to 1999, she lived happily aboard her converted plane. Eventually, she made the difficult decision to transform it into a public museum.

During the process of relocating the plane for display, a tragic mishap occurred. It slipped off the carriage and disintegrated. Despite this setback, Ussery’s ingenuity and determination left an indelible mark on the world of unique housing.

Join the Alternative Housing Craze!

Exploring alternative housing options is not limited to the young and hip. You, too, can embrace this trend and find a home that matches your personality and budget. Whether it’s an old bus, a tiny house, or even a shipping container, the possibilities are endless.

So why settle for a traditional house when you can have a home as extraordinary as Jo Ann Ussery’s Boeing 727? Step out of your comfort zone and dive into the world of alternative housing. Your new home adventure awaits!


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