All this time she thought she was suffering from an allergy. It didn’t even cross her mind what she actually had

A woman from the United States named Kendra Jackson had years of suffering due to a very serious problem that she thought was just an allergy.

She always had a pack of napkins with her because her nose was always running. At first, he did not give much importance to this aspect believing that it is just a common allergy.

After a long time, the woman arrived in critical condition and was forced to go to the “Nebraska Medicine” hospital.

Once there, the doctors did not know what it was about and decided that he needed a thorough investigation, so they did an x-ray.

It did not indicate anything out of the ordinary and they decided to use a special video camera that they inserted in the nasal passages and in the sinuses to see exactly what is the cause.

When they saw the result, the doctors were shocked and said they had never seen anything like it before.

Many years ago, the woman had suffered a car accident from which she escaped with minor injuries, but with a rather strong blow to the head when she hit the board.

It appears that as a result of this blow, she suffered a crack inside the skull.

The doctors discovered with the help of the camera that Mrs. Jackson had a small canal formed between the nostrils and the skull, and through this canal, approximately 235 milliliters of cerebrospinal fluid flowed to her every day.

Cerebrospinal fluid is a very important transparent fluid that has the role of protecting the nervous tissue against trauma, the role of protecting the central nervous system, and the role of transporting nutrients, hormones, and drugs.

Before reaching the doctors, the woman had tried many natural ways to get rid of this problem, believing that it was a simple allergy.

She had come to have unbearable pain that directly affected her life. Kendra reports that this problem had greatly affected her rest as well, unable to sleep nights in a row making her feel like a zombie.

When she finally arrived at the hospital in a very serious condition, the doctors struggled for hours to repair the woman’s canal, and in the end, they succeeded.

Kendra Jackson is enjoying life again after getting rid of this problem. Even the problems he had with fatigue were solved. She said that from now on she will go to the doctor more often for routine check-ups and that she will no longer rely on various medicines.


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