He is a music legend and we all sang his songs, but now he is crushed by illness and pain.

Phil Collins, now 70, has confessed with great pain that he has to retire from music because of his health problems.

“I have some physical problems, which is very frustrating because you know, I would have liked to sing on stage with my son,” he said in a rare BBC Breakfast interview with colleagues on Thursday. his Genesis band.

“I can barely hold a stick with this hand, so I have certain physical difficulties that prevent me from playing,” the musician added.

Collins, a 70-year-old Grammy Award winner, became famous as a soloist and drummer for the progressive rock band Genesis. The members of the beloved band announced in March 2020 that they will start the reunion tour, “The Last Domino? The 2021 tournament, which they postponed due to the pandemic.

However, in April they announced that “they will return to America for the first time in 14 years”, and that they will also perform in Europe.

Unfortunately, Phil confessed that he could no longer play the drums due to health problems, which is why his 20-year-old son, Nic, replaced his father.

Phil Collins is retiring from music

Even though he can’t beat the drums anymore, Phil Collins will be with Genesis to play.

Collins said he did not know if he would be able to go to future tournaments with the band after the pandemic was delayed.

“We are all men of a certain age and I think that to some extent we are approaching the end. I think yes, in general, for me (it’s the end of the tournaments – n.r), I don’t know if I still want to be on the road “, he added.

Collins, a music legend, has had many problems over the years because of his spine. He was badly injured in the back in 2009, and for the first time, he confirmed that he can no longer play drums due to a fire.

The singer confessed that he has big problems with his back. “My vertebrae crushed my spinal cord because of the position I was sitting on the drums, after years of singing.

I can’t even hold the sticks properly without pain. I used to stick my sticks in my hands “, the artist added.

Moreover, the singer “You’ll Be in My Heart” suffered another accident in 2015, when he suffered a bad fall and underwent a very difficult operation, as a result of which he can move with great difficulty, with injured nerves.

Currently, he only moves in a wheelchair and can only stand on his cane.

Phil Collins, betrayed by his ex-wife

The pain, but also the suffering left their mark on the face and body of the artist who delighted us for years with his music and many of us hummed his songs.

Today, at the age of 70, the British artist seems to be crushed by his illness, and the war he is waging with his ex-wife has only caused him even more suffering. Sadly, with completely white hair, the artist is unrecognizable.

Phil Collins was involved in a big scandal with his ex-wife, Orianne Cevey. The two divorced in 2008 but remarried eight years later. However, everything fell apart last year, when Orianne allegedly married another man, in great secrecy, in Las Vegas.

To hide her relationship, she told Collins she was going to Vegas on business. When he found out the truth, the artist kicked his wife out of the villa, worth 40 million dollars, and changed all the access codes in the house.

Orianne threatened him with humiliating revelations from their married life, but the artist did not give in and the two began to judge each other. Eventually, Phil was forced to sell his dream home, which he adored. It was bought by a millionaire and is to be demolished.


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