Alfonso Ribeiro’s Daughter Recovers Admirably from Scooter Accident

Television personality and Dancing with the Stars host, Alfonso Ribeiro, recently shared some uplifting news about his daughter Ava Sue’s recovery from a scooter accident. Despite the terrifying incident, Ava has shown remarkable courage and is making significant progress. As they prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, Alfonso is overjoyed that Ava will be there to showcase her recovery journey. While the healing process may be slow, Ava is doing fantastically well.

Ava’s Bravery and Resilience Shine Through

Reflecting on the accident in May, Alfonso revealed that he wasn’t present when it happened. However, their nanny immediately recognized the gravity of the situation and promptly sought medical attention for Ava. Thanks to the swift actions taken, Ava received excellent care and underwent emergency surgery. Alfonso expressed his gratitude to the medical professionals at @kareskinmd for their urgent care and expertise.

Proudly discussing Ava’s tenacity, Alfonso shared that she is still able to move around despite the healing scar. He understands the emotional significance of the scar gradually fading away and its impact on Ava’s well-being. For parents, any injury to their child can be distressing. Alfonso acknowledges the concern and love parents have for their children, emphasizing the emotional toll such incidents can take.

A Supportive Family Network

Ava is the daughter of Alfonso and his second wife, Angela Unkrich, with whom he married in 2012. Together, they have two sons, Alfonso “AJ” Lincoln and Anders Reyn. Alfonso also has a daughter named Sienna, who is now 20 years old, from a previous marriage. Angela, Ava’s mother, took to Instagram to share her thoughts at the time of the accident, expressing her intuition about a potential visit to the emergency room and cautioning against any activities that could potentially lead to harm.

Despite the unfortunate accident occurring the day before Ava’s birthday, Angela praised her daughter’s resilience. She requested extra cuddles to comfort Ava after what was certainly not an ideal way to spend her last day as a three-year-old. The Ribeiro family is incredibly grateful for the support they have received during this challenging time. The experience has served as a powerful reminder to cherish every moment with loved ones.

Every Day Is a Blessing

Alfonso now shares an upbeat update, stating that Ava is doing great and recovering wonderfully. As they prepare to celebrate the Fourth of July, the family looks forward to enjoying the festivities with Ava, who continues to show her remarkable progress. Alfonso emphasizes that while the healing process may be gradual, everything is going according to plan and Ava’s spirits remain high.

In conclusion, Alfonso Ribeiro’s daughter, Ava Sue, continues to impress with her bravery and resilience as she recovers from a scooter accident. The love and support from her family and the medical professionals have played a crucial role in her progress. The Ribeiro family remains hopeful and optimistic, cherishing every moment and reminding us all to appreciate the blessings that each day brings.


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