Alaska man feeds bald eagles in an incredible video seen over 9 million times

When the camera pans to the left, the audience is surprised to see the incredible moment that was caught.

Getting close to wild animals is both terrifying and majestic. Not many can say they made friends with deer, elephants, or bears, but an Alaska man named Jessie Peck has gotten so close to some of the most incredible birds there are that we can’t help but get a bit jealous of him.

Living in Unalaska, Alaska, it’s hard not to stumble upon bald eagles. The population of these birds of pray is over 600 in this place of around 5,000 inhabitants. The magnificent birds are drawn there by the carrion and the waterfowl.

Of course, everyone knows that bald eagles should be avoided because they can be very dangerous, especially when they feel their little ones are threatened by humans.

“We have these signs that we put up every year to remind people that there are nesting eagles in the area,” Deputy Police Chief Jennifer Shockley told Alaska Republic. “They will do whatever it takes to protect their young, and that typically includes launching themselves at people and using their talons to lacerate their heads.”

Well, this doesn’t concern Jessie Pack much. In a video he uploaded on YouTube, which has nearly 9 million views, he could be seen feeding a large group of bald eagles. The crowd is cheering as the birds land on the ship one by one.

Many of the people who have seen the video are simply stunned by the incredible sight.

“This is wonderful! How fortunate Alaskans are to have so many of these glorious raptors! ❤️” one person wrote.

“That would be such a majestic experience. Hundreds of nature’s most beautiful creatures just coming to chill with you on your boat…so cool,” another added.

Commercial fisherman Bob Wilson told Men’s Journal: “Do I think they’re pests? Oh, absolutely. But they’re cool pests, so that’s OK. They make a mess of my boat, which is kind of the bad part, but they are our national bird and we love them anyway.”

I wish I could experience something as beautiful and as unique as feeding these awesome birds.

You can take a look at the video below. Enjoy!

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