Alan Alda Staying Strong Despite Diagnosis

Alan Alda, The M.A.S.H. star has been around for a long time now. He is one of the pillars of this industry. Right now he is battling with a tragic diagnosis but he continues to stand and stay strong.

Alda has a way of making everybody enjoy watching him on screen. He won an Emmy for his part in M.A.S.H. One of the most unforgettable roles he did was Hawkeye Pierce who was a combat doctor from the M.A.S.H. television show that was set in the Korean War.

During his recent interview, he revealed that he received tragic news about his health. He explained that more than 3 years ago, he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

He added, “The reason I want to talk about it in public is that I was diagnosed three and a half years ago and I’ve had a full life since then. I’ve acted, I’ve given talks, and I help at the Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook. I started this new podcast.”

He also shared that during his television appearances talking about his new podcast, he noticed his thumb twitch in some shots. This is when he realized that it will only be a matter of time before somebody does a story about his condition from a sad point of view.

Alda wanted to be the one to reveal his diagnosis to everyone. He also wanted people to know that he is still the same person only that he has a health concern that he has to consider now. the last thing that Alda wants is for people to feel sad for him.

He explained that he was the one who requested for the scan. He said, “I asked for the scan because I thought I might have it. I read an article in the New York Times that indicates that if you act out your dreams, there’s a good chance that might be a very early symptom when nothing else shows.

I was having a dream that someone was attacking me and I threw a sack of potatoes at them, but what I was doing was throwing a pillow at my wife. ”

Even though at that time he was not experiencing any symptoms just yet, he still wanted to be checked. He said that he realized that time that he was fortunate because his symptoms were not as severe as of yet. He sure has a few twitches but he started to live an active life. He began boxing lessons and now lives a busy life.

Alda shares that each day is different for him but he can do things to encourage him to do some punches. “It’s common for us all to go to the worst thought. But this is a disease that’s different for everyone who has it. You know how I look at it.

It’s like a puzzle to be solved. What do I have to adapt to carry on a normal life. I enjoy solving puzzles,” Alda explained.

This veteran actor wants to use his position as a celebrity to help other people discover what science knows about Parkinson’s disease. He decided to remain positive in life. Everyone is saddened by Alan Alda’s revelation but we are wishing him the best, hoping that he will continue to stay strong through these trials in his life.


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