After Meghan and Harry, another couple is set to be removed from the Royal Family.

Four of the queen of Denmark’s grandchildren had their titles taken away, which has caused unheard-of royal drama in Copenhagen and prompted her outraged son to air the family’s dirty laundry in public.

The four children of Queen Margrethe II’s eldest son, 53-year-old Prince Joachim, will no longer be allowed to use the titles of prince and princess as of January 1, the monarch stated last week.

On Monday, she expressed regret for the harm done.

The action was in line with a tendency among other European royal families, especially in Britain, where the Windsors are currently embroiled in a family quarrel, to streamline their kingdoms.

The only reigning monarch in Europe stated in a statement that “having a royal title includes a lot of commitments and tasks that, in the future, will fall with fewer members of the royal family.”

Prince Joachim, however, perceived it as a slight and was eager to criticize it in the media.

“A strategy was given to me on May 5. that once my kids hit 25, this entire identification thing would be taken care of. In January, Athena will turn eleven “, he claimed to the Danish tabloid B.T.

“Then, I received news that the decision had been hastened five days later.”

His first wife Alexandra voiced her shock and those of her children to B.T. as well as her anguish through her eldest son.

According to Nicolai, “I’m quite perplexed as to why this had to happen in this way.”

“Necessary” choice

Being so soon after the incredibly well-liked royal family had marked the queen’s 50th year on the throne with pomp and smiles, the outpourings shocked the Scandinavian nation.

According to historian Lars Hovbakke Sorensen, there is “no precedent in Denmark of members of the royal family discussing with one other in public.”

Since the queen’s declaration, Prince Joachim claimed he “sadly” hadn’t spoken to either his mother or his older brother, Crown Prince Frederik.

“And it’s family. or whatever name one would give it “He informed B.T.

His Australian-born wife Mary and Crown Prince Frederik’s relationship with the pair, according to his French-born wife Princess Marie, is “difficult.”

When Joachim and Marie claimed that their 2019 transfer to Paris, where Joachim serves as the Danish embassy’s defense attache, was not of their “own choosing,” the media dug up another ancient family feud.

However, royal observers were not surprised by the queen’s choice.

According to historian Sebastian Olden-Jorgensen, it is “natural, reasonable, and necessary.”

Crown Prince Frederik, 54,’s four additional grandchildren with the queen will continue to hold those positions.

The queen made the decision to grant an appanage to solely Prince Christian, the future king, in 2016 when they reached adulthood.

Experts claimed that removing Joachim’s children’s books is merely another step in the same path.

Olden-Jorgensen remarked, “She has sensibly opted to accomplish this herself and not leave it to her successor, the Crown Prince.

He said, “It is a lot simpler for her to do this to her kid than for him to do it to his sibling afterwards.”

“Total communication breakdown”

However, Jacob Heinel Jensen, a columnist for B.T., claimed that the agitated responses from Joachim’s family “suggest there is a disagreement and a total breakdown in communication.”

The queen issued a message on Monday to express her regret.

She apologized, saying, “I miscalculated the degree to which my younger son and his family felt affected.”

“I now pray that as a family, we can find the calm to navigate this circumstance.”

According to a Voxmeter poll, 50.6 percent of Danes approve with her choice, while 23.3 percent do not.

Even though this is not the royal family’s first scandal, it is one of their most notable.

In 2002, after Crown Prince Frederik was picked to represent the queen at a New Year’s event rather than him, the late Prince Consort Henrik made news when he escaped to his castle in southern France to “think on life” and claim he didn’t receive enough respect in Denmark.

And just months before he passed away in 2018, dementia-afflicted Henrik declared he did not want to be buried close to his wife because he was never treated equally to her.


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