Updated News Post was founded by Andrei and Corina Turcu, an ordinary Romanian couple in Arges who wanted to share their thoughts on current issues.

It quickly grew to a team of opinion columnists who brought their own life experiences and opinions to the table, working to bring you commentary about what’s happening in our world today by utilizing investigative online journalism alongside thought-provoking commentary.

From exposing the shocking falsehoods that we see in the news to revealing our perceptions and even speculation derived from the facts at hand, our news commentary pieces, presented by our various opinion columnists of different backgrounds, allow the reader to consider a different perspective.

The information presented in our articles is the personal opinion of the author. Each of our opinion columnists has their own experiences as Americans, which factor into the conclusions that they draw. It is their commentary on the issue reported. We encourage our readers to decide for themselves and use their own critical thinking skills to draw a conclusion. We hope our readers will start productive conversations.

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While our job is to ascertain the truth and then discuss it and offer an opinion from everyday Americans, we will occasionally make mistakes. When we do, we commit to hastily correcting our errors so that our readers can get the real story. The prominence of our correction will be commensurate with the gravity of the error. Typos and minor corrections will be corrected without fanfare. Other corrections may be noted at the bottom of the article, and major factual corrections may be noted at the top.

The content on Updated News Post expresses a personal opinion, advocates a point of view (e.g., on a social or political issue), or is self-promotional. For the purpose of fact-checking, it should be treated as such.