A smart woman will always choose a smart man next to her!

Contrary to many opinions I have heard over time, a smart woman is not the one who fooled someone who has a lot of money and who now lives like a princess on a silk bed, kissing every night before bedtime, a beautiful frog. I think life means more than making as much money as possible … or letting “lovers” do it while we spend it, whether that lover has squares or a belly.


Each of us sees intelligence in a certain way. Maybe some of us consider that an intelligent man knows by heart a lot of dogmas, of writings, maybe some of us consider intelligent men who always have a book in their hand. I understand intelligence a little differently: intelligent is the man who can talk to anyone he meets, intelligent is the man who works in the field he likes, intelligent is the man who loves life and knows how to achieve his goal. and fixed it, no matter how many obstacles would arise.


A smart woman knows she has to find an equally intelligent man next to her. She knows she needs more than physical attraction or material comfort. A smart woman can’t wait to see the results of her efforts. And yet, he will choose with his heart. She will choose the one she loves, she will choose the one she sees herself building a common future with. She will choose someone who can make her laugh and she will choose the one she has something to talk about.


Each of us sees intelligence in its own way, but what each of us should do is find someone with the same kind of intelligence as ours. More importantly, once we find him, let’s be brave enough to stay close to him, even if it doesn’t necessarily look the way we imagined it. An intelligent woman is a happy woman, whose eyes even smile! So, my dears, don’t choose to cry next to anyone!


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