A Mother’s Approach to Raising Her Daughter

Family should be the people we trust the most. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. One mother, Aubrey, took to TikTok to share her unique approach to raising her children, particularly her daughter. Her video sparked a debate among other parents, with some agreeing and others finding her choices controversial.

Choosing Safety First

Aubrey, known as @theorganicmami on TikTok, expressed her concerns about the dangers of the modern world and her commitment to keeping her children safe. In her video, she made it clear that she does not allow her daughter to sleep over at other people’s houses, not even with family members. Additionally, she will not leave her daughter alone with male relatives, regardless of their relationship. She believes in prioritizing her child’s safety above all else.

TikTok / @theorganicmami

Equal Treatment for Both Children

Aubrey emphasized that she treats both her daughter and son equally when it comes to her parenting approach. This means that neither of them will be allowed to go out late because she deems it unsafe for both of them. She believes in providing the same rules and protection for both her children.

Aubrey also discussed the importance of consent and personal boundaries. She stated that her daughter has the right to refuse hugs or kisses from anyone, including friends and relatives. No secrets are to be kept from the parents, and anyone who tries to bribe her daughter with candy behind her back will face consequences.

Furthermore, Audrey emphasized that her daughter has the freedom to express her emotions and opinions. She does not have to respect anyone who does not respect her as a child. Aubrey wants her daughter to know that her feelings are valid and should be acknowledged.

Diverse Opinions from the Parents

As expected, Aubrey’s video generated a variety of opinions in the comments section. Some parents wholeheartedly agreed with her parenting choices, citing their own childhood experiences as evidence. They believed that the no sleepovers rule was in the best interest of their children’s safety.

On the other hand, some people expressed confusion or disagreement with Aubrey’s decisions. They shared fond memories of sleepovers and believed that her children might miss out on valuable experiences. One teenager even expressed resentment towards their own parent for not allowing sleepovers, feeling that they had missed out on a lot.

Another commenter questioned Aubrey’s lack of trust in her own male relatives and asked why she doesn’t trust her daughter’s father. These questions highlight the need for open dialogue and a deeper understanding of Aubrey’s concerns.

Aubrey’s TikTok video has definitely sparked a debate among parents. While some support her choices for the safety of her child, others find them controversial and fear that her children may miss out on certain experiences. Ultimately, every parent has their own approach to raising their children, guided by what they believe is best. What matters most is that children grow up in a loving and supportive environment where their well-being is prioritized.


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