A mother recounts the nightmare experience she spent with her 20-month-old baby girl!

A young mother from the USA left for work and left her 20-month-old baby girl with the nanny. At one point, the mother received a message from the nanny announcing that her daughter had broken a tooth trying to eat a very hard biscuit.

The woman got scared and left work to go to the hospital with her child. When she got home she found his child crying non-stop.

She went urgently with her to the hospital, and there, following an X-ray, the doctors discovered that the girl not only had a broken tooth but her entire jaw was fractured.

The mother was very angry and started screaming and crying because she realized that the nanny had lied to her. The woman called the police and filed a complaint against the nanny.

After being interrogated, the nanny admitted that she hit the little girl because she did not want to eat.

“I trusted the nanny, I have known her for several years. Ever since she told me that Betty broke her tooth, it seemed to me that something was wrong. And when the doctors told me that my little girl’s jaw was fractured, I felt faint.

I just wanted to kill the nanny. How can you hit a defenseless child? I hope she stays in prison for a long time for what he did. “ said the girl’s mother.

If found guilty, the nanny risks many years in prison.


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