A man was holding his wife’s hand when he discovered never-before-seen black spots on her hand.

Many people are worried about the recent rise in the prevalence of uncommon diseases because of this trend. Some of these diseases are so uncommon that those who contract them have terrible bad luck.

However, the story of their condition can become a national news story overnight and will be published in every newspaper.

This is the story of a man and a woman whose lives are turned upside down when they are diagnosed with a sickness that is so uncommon that only a handful of people have ever been known to have it.

The user of the social networking site Reddit spotted various strange markings on his wife’s hand, including the following:

They initially believed that the black spots were simply blood clots, so they treated them with ointment and then switched to wart cream.

However, neither treatment was successful, and the condition continued to deteriorate with each passing day. The black spots grew in size until they resembled real bumps, and some of them even had holes in them.

After discovering that one of the dark areas had opened up and expelled some sort of tissue, they made the decision to make an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

He removed the growths that, at least up to this point, had not come back after they were eliminated.

The surgeon explained to the two that the woman had suffered from a condition known as a pyogenic granuloma, which can be brought on by irritation, physical damage, or hormonal imbalance.

However, the lumps started to become larger, so the pair decided to try getting rid of them by using an antibiotic ointment in conjunction with a wart remover.

The growths were subjected to both treatments, but neither one was successful.

He related how the bumps continued to increase in both number and size, and how they also began to create little apertures at the very top of the structure where they were located.

Some of them eventually opened up, exposing the little nodules that were contained within them.

The worried couple sought the counsel of a specialist, who expressed concern that it might be an advanced stage of the skin disease known as melanoma.

According to the information found in the US National Library of Medicine, her ailment was eventually identified as pyogenic granuloma. Pyogenic granulomas are benign tumors that manifest on the skin as little, red, raised bumps.

Lesions on the skin may also bleed easily, even when just slightly injured.

It is unknown what causes pyogenic granuloma, however the condition typically manifests itself after an injury has been sustained to the hand, arm, or face.

A plastic surgeon performed surgery to remove the growths that were found on the woman’s hands, and after the procedure her hand regained its normal appearance.


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