A man started filming a strange scene on the bus and decided to embarrass the bus driver!

A rather strange incident happened on a bus. It was a normal day, the bus was full, and the driver was driving quietly.

One of the passengers noticed something unusual on the driver’s coat, when he looked more closely he saw a lot of insects coming out from under his coat, on his neck and ears. There were hundreds, and the man was absolutely amazed.

He started filming the whole scene, and later uploaded the video to Facebook. In his Facebook post, Primo Onipa, the passenger who filmed said that the insects were lice and that he was so affected and disgusted by what happened that he decided to embarrass the bus driver.

Primo said that the driver smelled very bad and that it seemed that he had not taken a bath and had not changed his clothes in over a year. Indeed, it can be seen in the pictures with the poor driver that he seems to be used to these little parasites and they don’t seem to bother him anymore.

Internet users reacted quite harshly after seeing the footage on Facebook, saying that such a man should not drive a bus full of people, because there is a risk that lice will be transmitted to passengers.

Lice are small insects that are located on the scalp, where they feed on blood; When they eat, they inject saliva into the skin, which is also the cause of itching.

The louse has a gray/brown color and is the size of a sesame seed. The female secretes a substance that ensures the adhesion of the eggs to the hair; eggs are attached to 3-4 millimeters of the base of the hair, because there are favorable temperature conditions.

It is located most frequently occipital (neck area) and postauricular (behind the ears); at the onset, at the first infection, itching may be absent. Scratching the lesions increases the risk of superinfection.

Lice are difficult to identify because they are small and move quickly; eventually, they can be “caught” by applying an adhesive tape on the infested area.

Lice are among the worst parasites for humans, and this is detrimental to both personal image and self-esteem.

However, experts believe that lice are not a sign of poverty or lack of hygiene. Even the cleanest person can have lice. The major problem is that they are transmitted from person to person and can transmit various diseases.

Look at the pictures and the video with the bus driver and the hundreds of lice invading his body:


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