A man installed a hidden camera in his kitchen and when he saw what his wife was putting in his food he immediately called the police

After claiming that his wife attempted to poison him with drain cleaner, an Orange County father hired counsel to pursue custody of his children and a restraining order against her.

The man’s attorney provided records to NBCLA on Wednesday that were submitted to Orange County Superior Court on Friday, Aug. 5.

Jack Chen, a radiologist who lives in Irvine and is 53 years old, claims that in March and April of this year, Yue “Emily” Yu, a 45-year-old dermatologist, started putting Drano in his drinks.

He started noticing “a chemical taste” in the lemonade he frequently drank at that moment.

Shortly after, he experienced symptoms that prompted him to visit the doctor, who, according to the lawsuit, identified him as having “two stomach ulcers, gastritis, and esophagitis.”

Chen installed cameras around the kitchen of the house he, his wife, and their two children share because of his medical issues and the peculiar flavor.

These cameras allegedly caught Yu three times adding Drano to his beverages, according to Chen’s evidence in the petition.

Screenshots from the video are presented in the file and depict a woman walking around a kitchen while wearing a sweatshirt. She may be seen in one picture pouring something from a big bottle that looks like red plastic.

He informed the Irvine Police Department of the occurrences of poisoning, and on Thursday, August 4, police were dispatched to arrest Yu.

Yue Yu, 45, the suspect, was interviewed by Irvine police detectives shortly after 6 o’clock, and a search warrant was executed at the residence she shares with the victim, according to a statement issued by Irvine police last week.

Yu was detained at the Orange County Jail after being accused of poisoning her spouse.

A long history of “physical, verbal, and emotional” abuse against Chen and Yu’s two children, a boy and a girl, ages 7 and 8, respectively, is also alleged in the lawsuit.

Chen claims Yu physically assaulted their kids, called them names, humiliated them in front of other kids at school, and yelled at them. In addition, he alleges that his wife and her mother “minimize my existence” by giving his kids the impression that they cannot speak to him or spend time with him without getting into trouble.

He continued by saying that he had also endured years of abuse, which included similar slurs and physical harm.

The letter adds, “I want the Court to impose Domestic Violence Restraining Orders against Emily to protect me and our children,” requesting that Yu be barred from the kids’ house, school, and extracurricular activities or that Chen be given sole custody of the two kids.

Yu’s medical office declined to respond when NBCLA contacted them.

NBCLA was unable to quickly contact Yu’s attorneys for comment regarding the complaint.

Yu’s lawyer David Wohl said in a statement supplied to the OC Register that Yu “asserts categorically and categorically that she has never attempted to poison her spouse or anybody else. She has always wanted to help people and never to do them harm as a renowned doctor.”

Wohl added in the statement, “We are very concerned that (her husband) has made these slanderous, false charges in an effort to gain an edge in the divorce and custody case he filed against Ms. Yu, a day after she was jailed.


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