A man cannot give you more than he has, so do not expect precious things from people for nothing!

In vain do you get angry with people, in vain do you expect help or support from some. Even if you don’t ask them to make an effort, it’s very difficult to find someone who is simply there to at least listen to you. Reasons to be disappointed you will find a lot in those around you. What you need to know is that people seldom exist to make your life easier, but to go their own way. Too few will help you.


There are more people than people on this earth. When you come to understand this, you will be fulfilled. Why? Because you will understand that the only one you have to rely on is you. Yes, there will be times when God will fix the people you need to evolve, but not necessarily the way you want to. Most of the time, you happen to find in them suffering, disappointment … You will find both understanding and respect, but they are extremely well hidden! But they all come to strengthen you and nothing is accidental!


There are some people who can do little. Never expect anything from them … because even if they wanted to, they couldn’t help you. The reality is quite harsh and it hits you very hard. Learn one thing: you don’t need people to get where you want to be or to be happy.


Probably you learned the spirit of help from home, probably your parents taught you how important it is to say a good word when you have to, to do beautiful deeds … Well, not everyone has lived in an environment that to form them so beautifully. For some people, it doesn’t matter if they pass over corpses, as long as they get where they want, because that’s what they’re taught to do! Who to condemn in this case? And why would you do that, after all? They can do so much! They have hardened hearts, and we are not talking about metaphors … They will live for them and no one will count in their way …


Don’t expect precious things from people for nothing, because they simply don’t own those things. How can you ask a man who does not know how to listen to understand you when you are going through a difficult time? How can you ask a man who has known all his life only to look for his interest in giving you time and helping you? Don’t look for help in people. Rely on yourself and God. That’s the only advice worth giving.


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