A Love That Lasts: Celebrating 80 Years of Marriage

A couple from Missouri celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary on New Year's Day.

Love stories are always heartwarming, but the one between Andrew, 103, and Bertha “Bunny,” 102, Kowalcyk is truly extraordinary. This New Year’s Day, the couple from Missouri celebrated their remarkable 80th wedding anniversary surrounded by their loved ones at Cape Albeon Lakeside Retirement Living in Valley Park.

Their journey began many years ago in New Hampshire when they crossed paths at a dance at the University of New Hampshire. It was a fateful event as both Andrew and Bertha participated in a dance lottery, and by pure chance, they both picked the number 23. Little did they know, this small coincidence would change their lives forever.

Their connection blossomed quickly, and just a month after their first date, something magical happened. In October 1943, Andrew and Bertha got engaged. Originally, their plan was to wait until after World War II, as Andrew was serving in the Navy. However, their love for each other had other plans.

It was a phone call that changed everything. Andrew called Bertha and said, “I’ve changed my mind; I want to get married now.” Bertha, filled with excitement, suggested they tie the knot on New Year’s Day. Despite the challenges, with Andrew having to secure leave and arriving just a few hours before the wedding, they made it happen. Andrew received permission from his officer to extend his leave, and on January 1, 1944, they exchanged vows, forever sealing their love.

Through the years, Andrew and Bertha built a beautiful life together, blessed with six children, as well as 31 grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Many of them were present at the grand celebration for their 80th wedding anniversary.

Their love and devotion have stood the test of time, inspiring all who know them. Andrew and Bertha’s story reminds us that true love knows no limits and can overcome any challenges that come its way.

Let us raise our glasses and toast to this incredible couple, as they celebrate an unparalleled milestone—80 years of wedded bliss. May their love continue to shine as an inspiration for all of us.


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