A heavy heart does not make you a weak man!

You are weak if you love someone with all your heart, you are weak if you do your best to make the person next to you happy. Are you weak when you really care about the person you share your life with and make nice gestures because you want him / her to know how much you love him / her? Are you weak in the eyes of others if you feel the pain that the person you really care about feels?


Does being weak mean filling your heart with love for someone? In conclusion, to be strong means to detach yourself from any feeling … so to put aside any kind of man who could make you feel something, so as not to disturb you from your perfect existence? Does having a heart full of love make you a weak man? Honestly, I hope not.


Pay close attention to the words of the people around you. Always! People can say something and think of something completely different. There are people who don’t care, but who know how to take advantage of the kindness and devotion that others show towards them … Beware of these people … That’s how they understood that it means to live peacefully … but they have an empty heart. These people can make you suffer more than you ever imagined, but fortunately it’s easier than you think to discover them: follow their actions beyond words!


A heart full of love does not make you a weak or vulnerable man, but on the contrary! Love is the most beautiful thing you can give to someone, but be very careful when choosing the person. A pure heart will gladly receive your love and reward you as you have never dreamed, but a hardened heart will easily take all that is offered to it and leave when it has no interest. He loves a lot! He loves each human being separately, but be very careful what people you choose around you.


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