A Heartwarming Journey of Love and Family

Meet Thomas Lamont, a remarkable resident of Buffalo who has dedicated the last 19 years to being a foster parent and adopting children. Thomas’s inspiring story is a testament to the power of love, sacrifice, and the unwavering bond of family. Over the years, he has lovingly raised 30 children and recently welcomed 5 more little ones under the age of 5 into his ever-growing family. Today, he proudly stands as the father of 12 kids, who are not only his children but also each other’s brothers and sisters.

A Calling to Care

Thomas’s journey as a single father began in 2000 when he selflessly assisted a friend in need. Fueled by the experience, he pursued the necessary credentials to become a foster parent. From that moment onward, his home became a safe haven, where children found love, support, and a true sense of belonging.

Creating Family Bonds

Through Thomas’s support and nurturing, children like Michael found a second family. Michael cherishes the time he spent in Thomas’s home, which became his third family after being separated from his biological parents. Thomas’s unwavering commitment to his children never wavered, even as they grew up and built their own families. Every child in his home was treated equally and loved with all his heart.

Reflecting on the impact Thomas had on his life, Michael chuckles and says, “He ended up saving my life. Without him, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

The Journey Continues

Although Thomas eventually decided to take a break from his noble role as a foster parent, fate had different plans for him. When he heard about five siblings in desperate need of a loving home, Thomas couldn’t resist answering the call to “come out of retirement.”

What made this decision all the more significant was that Thomas knew the biological father of these children. He understood firsthand that separating the siblings and placing them in different homes was not the solution. For over 1.5 years, these four children had yearned to be reunited. Finally, Thomas’s home became their refuge, where they could once again be a loving and supportive family.

A Dedication to Love and Care

Thomas’s extraordinary story exemplifies the immense love and dedication a single father can have for his children. His journey of raising 30 kids and adopting 5 more is nothing short of inspirational. Thomas’s unwavering commitment has had a profound impact on the lives of these children, granting them a chance at a brighter future filled with love and stability. He believes that his calling from God is to raise children with boundless love and care, and he has truly exemplified it.

Family – Defined by Love, Not Blood

Thomas Lamont’s story serves as a beautiful reminder that family is not solely defined by blood, but rather by the immeasurable love and support we offer one another. His heartwarming journey resonates with compassion and warmth, teaching us that it’s never too late to open our hearts and make a significant difference in the lives of others.


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