A flight attendant saved the life of a girl on the plane

A flight attendant saved the life of a girl on the plane

“I realized that something was wrong at first. The man next to her was much more mature than she was and had some violent reactions to any movement around him. I’m glad I reacted in time and managed to save a person’s life. ”Here’s what actually happened …

“As a flight attendant, you end up spending a lot of time with people.

This is how you manage from the first to realize the character of a man and what his intentions are. From the situation in which you know that you will have problems all the flight with a certain person, to the situation in which you will have to take care of another because he is afraid and he can be hurt at any time. ”

Sheila Frederick, 49, has been a flight attendant with Alaska Airlines for more than 15 years.

During a flight from Seattle to San Francisco, she noticed a girl who was in the company of a man who looked much older than her and quite dangerous. The girl seemed not to be more than 14-15 years old and she was very scared.

The little girl was on a plane that was going to turn her life into a nightmare but her luck was Sheila. You never know where the good you need in a cruel moment may come from.

“I had a very strange feeling about this girl. I felt that something was wrong. The first sign was that the man was very well dressed while she was very poorly dressed. Too big a discrepancy. ”- says Sheila.

The woman took an attitude and decided to go have a discussion with the two. The man had a defensive demeanor and the girl uttered absolutely no words.

Sheila left there and thought of another solution to talk to the girl and see if everything was fine. She left a note in the plane’s toilet and after the girl came out of the bathroom she went to check it.

She wrote, “I need help.” After seeing the ticket, the woman got on the phone and called the police. After they got off the plane, the man was investigated, and apparently, he was engaged in prostitution so he was arrested.

What good luck Sheila was for this little girl!


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