A Couple’s 70th Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot Is Getting A Lot Of Attention On The Internet

A Couple’s 70th Wedding Anniversary Photoshoot Is Getting A Lot Of Attention On The Internet

Staying in love is not going to be easy. Some would say that as a couple gets older, they slowly lose interest in each other. That though, is proven wrong by this couple who celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

Anna Behning’s grandparents, Melvin and Nancy, went viral for their 70th wedding anniversary photoshoot. It’s definitely something that you don’t always see on the internet. That’s the reason why their photos instantly went viral.

Behning shared, “I was literally scrubbing my kitchen floors when I got the notification. I tried to explain to grandpa and grandma that they are famous and grandpa asked ‘what newspaper’ (lol no concept of the internet whatsoever).”

If you are wondering how the couples’ pictures end up on the internet, it was all because of their granddaughter.

You see, Behning dedicated a blog post to her 91 and 86-year-old grandparents. In her post, Behning promised that she will reveal the ‘secret’ to being married for seven decades which she said she learned from her grandparents.

Melvin and Nancy met for the first time at a Mitchell, South Dakota, roller skating rink. Melvin proposed to her at a neighboring ballpark not long after that memorable night.

On their wedding day in January 1952, Nancy’s wedding dress cost $35 while her veil she got for $15. She hung onto those sentimental garments. Thankfully she did because it’s the same dress and veil that she wore to commemorate their wedding anniversary during a photoshoot.

Melvin was also still able to squeeze into his army uniform that day. First thing after being married, Melvin was sent into Basic Training in the same uniform. After that, he served in the Korean War.

After five children, 12 grandchildren, and 21 great-grandchildren, they’re still married and still living in the same town.

Talking to My Modern Met, Behning shared, “My grandparents have been there for me since I was born. They attended every concert, sports game, and extracurricular event that they could. I was also blessed to go to college in the same town that they live in.

I would spend lots of nights at their home doing laundry or eating grandpa’s famous steak. So being this close to my grandparents made this photoshoot even more special.”

So, what do you think is the secret to their lasting marriage?

Here’s the advice the couple had to give…

For Nancy, it is “Forget and forgive and make the best of your life situations.” She adds that keeping God at the center of their marriage was the key to their successful marriage.

Melvin also has a piece of advice for couples out there. He said, “You won’t always agree, sometimes you have a disagreement, but when you have one of those you sit down and talk about it and come up with an answer. Don’t bring it back up!”

Behning’s photos from the anniversary shoot are amazing. And it’s heartwarming to see the actual love between these two people.

On her Instagram post, Behning said, “This is why I take my job as a wedding photographer sooo seriously. Seventy years after their marriage and I’m still swooning over the only 2 photos I’ve ever seen from my grandparents’ wedding day. Love is so beautiful. Marriage is a gift from God. I’m lucky to have them as an example of lifelong commitment.”

There is no doubt that you too wish that you would find the perfect person for you and your relationship would last for a very long time.


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