A Couple Tries One More Time To Have A Girl, Ends Up Having Quintuplets!

A Couple Tries One More Time To Have A Girl, Ends Up Having Quintuplets!

Joshua and Megan Hulen have sons. And now, they wanted one thing – a daughter. They want to try one more time, at least that’s what Megan wanted. So, when the couple decided to do it again for one last time, they couldn’t wait to find out if it’s going to be a girl this time.

Before the pregnancy, the couple had two boys, one 7-year-old and one 2-year-old. They were very desperate for a girl and were hoping and praying that this time, their wish would come true.

The couple first went down the fertility route but after encountering some problems, the doctor advised them to cancel all further treatments. They didn’t know that this was a blessing in disguise.

During one of her doctor’s appointments, the doctors were able to get enough detail about her pregnancy. But they confirmed to Megan and Joshua that they weren’t pregnant with just one, but five babies.

Megan was carrying quintuplets. This means that their family of four will become an instant family of nine!

In a heartwarming interview with WKRG, Megan shared, “They did not come from IVF.” And Joshua added, “And they’re not COVID babies. It was before…”

They were lucky that Megan got pregnant before the pandemic. Joshua was able to join her for some of the early doctor’s appointments. These moments were what got the family together even though they know that this great news is going to turn their lives upside down.

It was a challenging and difficult pregnancy because Megan was not only carrying five babies, but they were also dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and its effects on everything.

Megan said, “It’s been really crazy, something we never expected, for sure. Went to our first ultrasound at six weeks and found out that there were five.” Joshua added, “Pretty shocking. Exciting and terrifying all at once, I’d say.” Megan agreed saying, “Yeah, definitely.”

On September 2, Chloe, Adam, Emma, Allison, and Madison were born at 32 weeks. Even though they knew that the couple were having quintuplets, the babies still shocked the doctors as well as their parents.

Megan said, “They’re not viable, or one or two vanish, or those types of things happen. And so we thought, ‘OK, there’s not going to be five. There’s going to be two, three, or something. We went back after a week, and there were five heartbeats.”

You see, the pregnancy was not only a one in 43 million chance, but the babies were also the first ever quintuplets to be born in North Dakota!

Megan said, “We’re super excited and happy to have a big family. It’s bigger than what we anticipated, but…” Joshua said, “A lot bigger.” Megan adds, “We’re blessed, and we’re happy about it.”

Joshua agreed, saying “Absolutely. And at some point in the future, when we get to sleep again, we’ll be thankful for that too.”

Having kids is exciting and scary at the same time. You would not know what you would be blessed with.

And for Megan and Joshua, they surely didn’t expect this but they were glad that they tried again. They did not only have another one, but five more babies to add to their growing family.


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