8 Signs He Misses You During No Contact

1. Everyone Around Him Knows He Is Depressed

If he’s feeling down and experiencing mood swings for no apparent reason, it might be a sign that he’s missing you during this period of no contact.

2. He Follows You on All Social Media

He keeps track of you on social media. If he’s looking at your Instagram stories, liking your photos, and even commenting on your posts, it’s clear that you’re on his mind and it bothers him.

3. He Wants to Help You in Small Courteous Ways

He often offers to help you with minor, day-to-day tasks. These little gestures show that he wants to stay connected in any way he can.

4. You Feel a Strong Energy Around You

If you find yourself suddenly thinking about him, wishing to reconnect, or pondering how things might have worked out differently, these thoughts could indicate that he’s missing you during the no contact period.

5. He Sends You Various Messages

Even if you’re sticking to the no contact rule, constant texts and calls from him suggest that he’s frequently thinking about you and struggling to keep his distance.

6. The Conversations You’ve Had Keep Coming to Mind

When you keep replaying your past conversations, it could be a sign that his thoughts are reaching out to you, prompting you to think about him in return.

7. You Dream About Him

According to spiritual teachings, dreams can be a way for souls to communicate with each other. If you’re dreaming about him, it may signify that he’s trying to reach out to you, even if unconsciously.

8. You’ve Been Running Into Each Other a Lot

Even though you’re supposed to be in a period of no contact, you keep bumping into each other. This might not be pure coincidence; he could be making a deliberate effort to see you because he misses you.


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