5 Reasons Why Married Men Won’t Leave Their Wives for Side Chicks

Men who cheat on their wives often make promises of leaving them for another woman. They might throw around accusations like their wife is terrible in bed, old, or fat. But guess what? They still won’t leave her.

Cheating husbands seem to thrive on juggling their lives, splitting their time between family and an affair. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Here are five reasons why cheating married men never leave their wives for a side chick.

1. A Matter of Image

Men often appreciate the high social standing they gain from being married and usually don’t want to lose that. Many of these men are respected members of their communities, like in churches, mosques, or businesses. Leaving their wife just to be with a side chick, mistress, or sugar girl is often the last thing on their minds.

2. Wives Allow It

With statements like “all men cheat” and “it’s fine if he cheats as long as he respects me enough to hide it,” many women give their husbands a pass. The bar is set lower when wives choose to ignore their husband’s sneaky behavior. By not holding them to a standard of faithfulness, wives allow these men to roam, always waiting at home with open arms when they return.

Society has structured it this way, making women believe that it’s better to have a cheating husband than to be single at a certain age, or worse, single with children or divorced.

3. He Loves His Wife

It might sound conflicted, but some men do love their wives while still cheating on them. These men have side chicks despite a firm decision never to leave their wives, no matter how good things get with the mistress. For these men, the side chick is all fun and games, and they have compartmentalized their minds to keep it that way. They’d rather replace the side chick than leave their wife for her.

4. His Children

Married men often stay with their wives because they want their children to grow up in a ‘functional’ and ‘complete’ family.

5. Why Disturb a Working System?

If a man has been getting intimacy without commitment, enjoying the benefits of another woman’s body before returning to his family at night, why would he suddenly want to change that? No one changes a system that works. A cheating man will always want to enjoy the best of both worlds. Why disrupt that?


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