8 Forgotten Household Hacks from the ’70s that Still Work Perfectly Today!

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*Wink wink* Now that I have your attention, let’s take a walk down memory lane together, back to a simpler time when buying a home didn’t require selling a kidney, and families gathered every evening for dinner without fretting over likes or shares. Yes, I’m talking about the ‘70s! Trust me, folks, there are nuggets of wisdom hidden within that groovy decade that will charm your socks off.

Now, don’t be shy. Just because younger generations don’t appreciate the wisdom and practicality of our heyday doesn’t mean we can’t resurrect these gems for ourselves! So go on, grab your nostalgic goggles, and let’s dust off some forgotten household hacks from the ’70s that can still be a lifesaver today.

The Magic of Vinegar

Remember when the only vinegar we ever heard of was the kind Bubba used to put on his fries? Well, guess what? White vinegar does a lot more than make your French fries extra tangy. That stuff is a miracle worker when it comes to cleaning. Stains on fabric, hard water spots on your faucets, or even those mysterious sticky residues on your countertops—you name it, vinegar can tackle it.

Next time you’re cleaning, put a little in a spray bottle with some water, spritz it on the trouble spots, and say a prayer. You’ll be amazed at how your surfaces shine up like new. Good Lord, it even keeps the pesky ants at bay!

Club Soda – Not Just For Drinking

Let’s switch gears to another liquid wonder: club soda! If you’ve ever been to a party where red wine flowed a bit too freely, you might recall your Aunt Gertrude splashing club soda on her white carpet in a frantic bid to keep it pristine. That trick wasn’t just for show; it actually works.

Just spilled coffee on your new blouse? Douse it with some club soda before tossing it in the wash. That stubborn stain will lift like a baptizin’ soul in the river.

Old Hand Towels for New Purposes

I know y’all have a drawer full of old hand towels you’ve amassed over the years. These frayed fabrics are just waiting for their second life. For those of you who love to keep your floors sparkling clean, remember this: You can save a few bucks and the planet by using your old towels as mop pads!

Cut them to the size of your mop head, attach them securely, and voila, you have yourself a reusable mop pad. Don’t thank me—thank the ’70s and your mother who likely taught you that waste not, want not.

Using Newspaper for Windows

Ah, newspapers—those relics of a time when we weren’t force-fed news through a glowing screen. Before you toss Sunday’s edition into the recycling bin, consider this handy trick for your windows. Nothing gets glass and mirrors cleaner than a page of old newsprint.

Spritz your window with a vinegar-water solution, give it a good rubdown with the newspaper, and stand back. You’ll be able to admire your reflection clear as day, flying in the face of today’s obsession with ‘cleaning wipes’ and ‘microfiber cloths’. Eat your heart out, millennials!

The Baking Soda Secret

Every house in the ’70s had a box of baking soda lurking somewhere. Bakers know its efficacy, of course, but did you know it does wonders outside the kitchen as well? This little box is a deodorizer, scrubber, and even a fire extinguisher in a pinch.

Sprinkle some in your shoes, the bottom of your trash can, or even on a smelly carpet before you vacuum. By the good graces, your home will smell as fresh as a morning prayer service in no time.

Under-the-Sink Herb Garden

Here’s a nifty trick for you green thumbs out there. In the era of ‘make-do-and-mend’, people were often resourceful in the most unexpected ways, like growing herbs under the sink with just a grow light and some determination.

How’s that for beating the ‘Big Agro’ system? Imagine fresh herbs for cooking right from your little indoor garden. Biblical stewardship right there, keeping herbs right at home just as the good Lord intended!

Lemon Juice for Everything

When life hands you lemons, turn to the ’70s for guidance. That pretty fruit is fantastic beyond a lemonade stand. Fresh lemon juice can bleach white fabrics, clean cutting boards, and even remove rust from kitchen utensils. So, if you’ve got some lemons starting to shrivel up in your crisper, don’t despair. Squeeze the last drop out of them for some household magic.

And hey, if you end up making lemonade afterward, you might just sip and smile, thinking of how you’re giving modern convenience the old spit-and-polish treatment.

Plain Ol’ Elbow Grease

Spoiler alert: no number of hacks can replace good ol’ elbow grease. Back in the day, we knew what it meant to put some muscle into our chores. All these fancy gadgets and gizmos today are making folks softer than a Sunday service’s hymn.

Scrubbing floors, washing windows, and dusting the furniture used to be a workout without the need for an overpriced gym membership. Plus, nothing beats the satisfaction of a clean house done by your own two hands.

So the next time you’re tempted to press a button and automate a job, think back to the ’70s and remember what a little hard work can accomplish. You’ll end up more satisfied than cancelling culture on a Monday morning.


There you have it, folks. Eight dynamite hacks from yesteryear that can keep your household running smoother than a hymn on Sunday. Don’t let these timeless tricks fall by the wayside. Dust them off, put them to good use, and you’ll have a home as welcoming and wonderful as the good Lord intended. Heaven knows, you’d be doing something right!


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