7 Signs That Show You Are Not His Only Woman in Your Relationship

It’s easy to be misled into believing you’re the main woman in a relationship, only to discover you’re actually the side chick.

Some men have perfected the art of deception and can lure you into a web of false promises and half-truths. However, the telltale signs that your man has another woman are quite noticeable if you pay attention.

Here are some signs that indicate you might not be the main woman in his life:

1. You Have Low Expectations

If you’re thrilled by something as small as him wishing you good night, that’s a red flag. Your expectations should be higher, and they would be if you weren’t his side chick. But he has set the bar very low. All he needs to do is reply to your texts, and it gives you butterflies.

2. He Wants You Off His Phone

This is a long-standing issue. While some believe couples should freely share phones and passwords, others disagree. He might pretend to be open by giving you his phone, but only after deleting his call history, messages, and blocking certain numbers. Frequent password changes and guarding his phone like a treasure chest are other signs. Clearly, you might be the side chick in the relationship.

3. He Leaves Right After Intimacy

He doesn’t stay to chat after being intimate, and there’s definitely no snuggling. As soon as it’s over, he gets dressed and leaves without a second thought. Why the rush? It’s likely he needs to get back to his main girlfriend or just doesn’t want to spend the night with you. Either way, it’s not a good sign.

4. He’s Always ‘Busy’

If you’re the side chick, he will continually find excuses to avoid spending quality time with you. One clear indication is that he won’t walk alongside you in public or take you to celebratory events like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. This means he’s prioritizing his time and effort on the other woman.

5. He’s Secretive

You don’t know much about him. Does he have siblings? Is he employed? Does he own a home? Despite asking questions, he never answers. He keeps you at arm’s length because he doesn’t see you as a long-term girlfriend, so he doesn’t share his secrets with you.

6. You Only See Him at Night

Do your meet-ups only happen after dark? This is a clear sign you’re the side chick. If he truly liked you, he’d find time to be with you during the day, whether it’s for a Sunday brunch or a visit to a farmer’s market. Your meetings wouldn’t be limited to after-hours.

7. He’s Stingy with Money

You’ve been seeing each other for a while, yet he hasn’t spent a penny on you. This makes sense; men with side chicks usually don’t have the budget to treat every woman. Unfortunately, you’re not the priority, which is why you’re always the one paying for things.


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