7 Kids’ Homework Questions That Leave Adults Scratching Their Heads

Several parents have found themselves stumped by their children’s homework, leading to some head-scratching moments and calls for help. Fortunately, the internet, particularly Reddit and Twitter, came to the rescue with some interesting insights.

As we get older, the schoolwork given to students might seem more complex. However, there are times when kids come home with some seriously tough homework. When these moments arise, parents often turn to the online community to help decipher these challenging questions. Below are a few examples that made the rounds on Reddit and Twitter.

Grade 1 English

A mother was left puzzled by her first grader’s English homework. Her child had to circle the pictures that had the same ending sound as the word “fin.” The options were a hamburger bun, a frog, a jar lid, and a spoon. While these choices seemed odd, some Reddit users suggested that the ending sound didn’t have to rhyme with “fin” but just needed to end with the same letter “n.” Thus, the answers included “bun” and “spoon.”

Kindergarten School Work

Kindergarten homework is usually quite straightforward with a bit of adult assistance. However, one parent struggled with a three-letter word needed to name the picture of a rabbit with her bunnies playing. A helpful Reddit user suggested the word “pet,” explaining that such worksheets often aim to challenge kids by moving sounds around to make the final question tougher.

Grade 3 Math Problem

Math problems for young students are typically solved using the numbers provided in the problem. However, a third grader faced a perplexing question: “Janell had 15 marbles. She lost some of them. How many does Janell have now?” One Reddit user remarked that the answer was less than 15 but felt this was an unfair question for that grade level. Other users joked that the answer could be “Janell lost her marbles” or “She has some left.”

A Six-Year-Old’s Homework

A visual problem for a six-year-old left her parents scratching their heads. The worksheet showed a paint splatter and several apples with the question, “How many apples could be covered by the paint? There cannot be more than 20.” Reddit users were equally puzzled, with one suggesting it might be a riddle.

Grade 1 Math

A Singaporean math problem for first graders posted on Twitter also seemed nearly unsolvable. Despite the complexity, one person managed to solve it by tweaking the question slightly, offering some relief.

Another Math Problem

Another challenging math question posted on Twitter required students to calculate the perimeter of a shape based on another rectilinear shape’s calculations. One user sarcastically noted that it was rather complex for a ten-year-old to tackle such a problem.

Solving for X

Math can be tricky, but it often has a clear solution. However, one question stumped many on Twitter: “An orchestra of 120 players takes 40 minutes to play Beethoven’s 9th Symphony. How long would it take for 60 players to play the symphony? Let P be the number of players and T the time playing.” One user pointed out that the number of musicians doesn’t affect the symphony’s duration, adding that the speed of the symphony isn’t dependent on the performer count. This sparked further discussion on the intricacies of musical performance.

Reddit remains a popular forum for people seeking various kinds of help, including tough homework questions.


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