5 Signs He Only Sees You As An Option, But Not A Priority

1. He only really shows up when he needs something from you.

Have you noticed that he only reaches out when he needs a favor? It’s a clear sign that he might be seeing you as more of a backup plan. You deserve someone who values your time and responds promptly, not just when it’s convenient for them. If he gives you the cold shoulder when you don’t respond immediately, even though you’re busy, it’s time to take note.

2. He doesn’t open up to you about his life.

Opening up about personal matters is vital in a healthy relationship. If he’s reluctant to share his past or his feelings with you, it might indicate that he doesn’t see a future with you. A meaningful connection involves sharing experiences and stories, so when he avoids these deeper conversations, it’s a sign that he sees your relationship as casual.

3. He is more interested in the physical aspect than in getting to know you

Does he seem more interested in the physical side of the relationship rather than spending quality time talking? If his focus is primarily on physical intimacy and he’s not interested in engaging conversations or learning more about you, it’s a sign that he’s not prioritizing the kind of deep, emotional connection that you might be seeking.

4. You feel like you are not as important to him

Feeling unimportant in a relationship is a red flag. If you’re always the one initiating calls, texts, and plans, and he takes forever to respond or rarely reaches out first, it’s alarming. Important dates and events in your life often go unnoticed by him, and you might find yourself remembering every special moment while he forgets. This imbalance can make you feel undervalued.

5. You usually feel unhappy and badly used

When a relationship is making you feel consistently unhappy or used, your instincts are likely telling you something important. If being with him magnifies your insecurities and leaves you feeling depressed, and you constantly feel taken advantage of, it’s a crucial sign that it’s time to reevaluate. Your happiness and dreams are important, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice them for someone who doesn’t value you equally.


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