5 Classic TV Shows From The 70s You Still Love Watching!

By Mary, The Nostalgic Patriot

Now, I’m gonna bet the farm on something here. You may think you’ve seen it all when it comes to those legendary shows from the 70s, but stick with me till the end anyhow, will you? Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and dissect these gems that document a simpler, better time before TikTok and cancel culture tried to tell us what we can and can’t enjoy.

All in the Family

Alright, this one here’s a no-brainer. “All in the Family” took the world by storm in the 70s with Archie Bunker’s big mouth, bless his heart. Archie wasn’t one to mince words, and he certainly wasn’t out to win any popularity contests with today’s woke crowd. His interactions with Meathead had us chuckling, nodding, and sometimes shaking our heads. The show put a mirror up to society—and what it reflected wasn’t always pretty, but it sure was real. And let’s not forget Edith, shall we? Her heart of gold reminded us that love and patience could shine through even the toughest of exteriors.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Sweet Mary Tyler Moore, the darling of prime time! This show was all about making it after all—without resorting to any cheap tricks or over-the-top drama. Mary led the charge, showing women that they could have careers and do it with grace and style. Lou Grant’s grumpy charm and Ted Baxter’s bumbling antics made for merry laughs. And who could forget that iconic hat toss? Pure gold! It’s a pity cancel culture has everyone throwing hats for the wrong reasons these days.


Now, if this show doesn’t bring back a flood of memories, I don’t know what will. “M*A*S*H” tackled serious themes of war and humanity, all while making us laugh till we cried. Hawkeye, Hot Lips, and Klinger—we loved them all. Each episode was a lesson in humanity, showing us the absurdity of war without preaching. Funny how a sitcom from the 70s can get more across than today’s overproduced dramas. And let’s be honest, the show’s subtle digs and wit would have been butchered in today’s outrage culture. I’m thankful we got to cherish it without all the mumbo jumbo drama.

The Brady Bunch

Ah, the Brady family! “Here’s the story, of a lovely lady…” you already know the rest. This show gave us wholesomeness and pure, unadulterated family values, the kind we rarely see anymore. Remember Alice the housekeeper? Bless her soul! She kept that rambunctious bunch in line. No scandal, no nonsense—just good old heartwarming charm. Makes you wonder what the Bradys would have thought about today’s hyper-sensitive world. Could you imagine Carol or Mike Brady trying to navigate Twitter wars? Goodness gracious!

Happy Days

Last but not least, “Happy Days” was all about simpler times, truly happy days. The Fonz—can I get an “Ayyyy”? Richie, Joanie, and the gang at Arnold’s Diner felt like friends we grew up with. This show was the epitome of 70s nostalgia, even though it was set in the 50s. The knack it had for making us laugh, while keeping things light yet sensible, is a lost art in today’s era. The good-natured humor and camaraderie are something we could use a lot more of now.

So there you have it, folks! Five shows that didn’t just entertain but became a part of who we are. The kind of TV that you could watch with your kids and grandkids without a shred of worry. Remember, quality doesn’t fade; it just gets better with time, like a well-aged bottle of our favorite wine.

Keep your antennae tuned to the past, my friends. Sometimes it’s the only way to navigate the present.


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