40 doctors attended her birth.

The first set of healthy quintuplets to be born in her country were delivered today by a Czech mother.

According to representatives from Prague’s Institute for the Care of Mother and Child, Alexandra Kinova, 23, gave birth to four sons and a daughter via Caesarean section.

The woman and her five babies have been admitted to an intensive care unit, according to the doctors.

At birth, the father was present.

The one boy that Ms. Kinova already had participated in naming his five new siblings.

The girl’s name is Terezka, while the four boys are Daniel, Michael, Alex, and Martin.

Because two of the babies were hidden in the scan, the family did not learn the gender of all the babies until after they were delivered.

The birth occurred “without any issues,” according to Zbynek Stranak, chief physician of the newborn unit of the institute.

He asserted that infants have a 95% chance of having healthy lives.

Ms. Kinova, who comes from Milovice, an area northeast of Prague, defied all chances by becoming pregnant naturally with the quins.

The six-times mother did not discover she was expecting five children until last month.

Initially, physicians believed she was carrying twins, but in March, staff discovered that she was actually carrying four children.

She did not learn she was carrying quintuplets until the next month, though.

This month, Ms. Kinova admitted to being shocked when the news was delivered to her to the Czech news outlet denik.cz.

I started to cry when we eventually discovered the fifth head, the woman claimed.

Experts estimate that the chances of spontaneously conceiving a quin are in the millions.

The mother claimed that twins run in her partner’s family as well as her own.

She claimed that other than having morning sickness for four months, her pregnancy had been very trouble-free.

Ms. Kinova said that she has no breathing issues and is able to sleep on her side.

As she did with her eldest son, she also intends to nurse all five of the children.

She said to Denik, “I breastfed the first child for about a year and a half, and I want to do it again.”

Even though I’m aware that some people will be on artificial nutrients.

Despite their best attempts, Ms. Kinova claimed that all of the babies’ sexes are still unknown to the doctors.

I am quite interested in watching how they turn out, she continued. Although it has a lot of attractiveness, we can only clearly view the head or legs.

For her Caesarean, the hospital intended to employ twice as many physicians and midwives.

They claimed to have given the infants medicines to hasten the development of their lungs.


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