4 Dirtiest Things You Should Never Touch In A Hotel Room

It’s the dirtiest thing in the hotel room, here’s how to protect yourself from it

When staying in a hotel, it might seem like everything is clean and tidy. However, there are a few items you should be cautious about, as they are often overlooked during cleaning. Before you get too comfortable, let’s take a closer look at what to avoid handling without precautions.

Hotel rooms, on the surface, may appear spotless, but many items are havens for germs and bacteria. This is particularly true for commonly touched surfaces like remote controls, light switches, and chairs. Are you accustomed to sinking into that inviting chair in your room? You might want to think twice!

Let’s dive into some of the dirtiest items in hotel rooms and how you can protect yourself:

1. Chairs

Hotel chairs, often upholstered in fabric, are notoriously challenging to keep clean. Because they are made of fabric, they can harbor many germs and bacteria.

In addition to this, chairs are frequently used to hold dirty clothes, shoes, and towels, which can introduce bed bugs and more bacteria.

Unlike towels and sheets that are washed at high temperatures, cleaning chairs thoroughly is difficult. Due to time constraints, housekeeping staff may not deep-clean chairs, focusing instead on making stains disappear. Unfortunately, the germs remain.

What can you do? Place a towel on the chair before sitting to avoid direct contact with the upholstery.

2. Carpets

Avoid walking barefoot on hotel carpets, no matter how clean they look. Carpets are often cleaned less frequently and can harbor a lot of dirt and germs.

3. Lamps, Remote Controls, and Switches

These items are breeding grounds for bacteria as they are routinely touched by guests but not always thoroughly cleaned between stays. To stay safe, give these items a swipe with a disinfectant wipe. Alternatively, you can place the remote control in a ziplock bag before use.

4. Glasses in the Bathroom

While convenient, the glasses provided in hotel bathrooms can be quite dirty. Flushing the toilet can spread bacteria to nearby surfaces, including the glasses. Always wipe these down before using them.

Other items to watch out for include the electric kettle, hair dryer, light switches, and any garden or balcony furniture. It is a good practice to disinfect your hands after touching these objects.

Keeping these pointers in mind can ensure a safer and cleaner stay at the hotel. Happy travels!


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