10 Lies Every Man Will Say To His Woman

Men lie, women lie. Even kids are quite good at the game, too.

It’s something about human nature—a way of getting out of a difficult situation or deceiving people into believing or doing something we want.

For men, the lies told are quite numerous. In their relationships with wives and girlfriends, there are 10 lies so widespread that some believe 18 out of every 20 men are guilty of them.

So, what are these common lies men tell? Here are :

1. “I’ll text/call you tomorrow”

Ah, the promise to remember. It just doesn’t always happen. This is probably the most anxiety-inducing thing you can hear after a first date because you’re left in limbo. A decent guy might call, even if it’s to say he’s not interested. But he might not. The ambiguity of this statement is what makes it so tricky.

2. “You are the most beautiful girl I have set my eyes on”

He’s likely summarizing the most memorable line from the last fairy tale he read. It’s a classic pick-up line because, in fairy tales, the charming prince always wins the girl by saying this.

3. “You are the only one”

In reality, you’re the one who’s available tonight. So, in that sense, you are the only one.

4. “I am doing okay”

He likely isn’t. Thanks to societal pressures, men often feel the need to project strength and toughness, even when they’re struggling with sorrows, failures, and other issues. Even if he’s not okay, he’ll often say that he is.

5. “I am on my way”

He might just be getting out of bed and brushing his teeth. He’ll be intentionally late so you don’t think he was too eager to meet you.

6. “It won’t happen again”

If he has a pattern of bad behavior, it likely will happen again. Even if he’s a decent guy, there’s a chance it might still happen, though unintentionally.

7. “I will be busy this weekend”

This probably means he has other plans, whether it’s a new date or hanging out with his friends. When men get together with their “bros,” it’s like a chat session, similar to a sewing circle.

8. “You are my first love”

He’s likely saying this to 1) get into your pants or 2) because he’s quite clingy and measures his self-worth by the women he’s been with. If it’s the latter, you might be one of the best he’s had.

9. “What was so special about her?”

There was probably something special about her, and you unknowingly triggered a memory. Now he must hide his true feelings to appear “cool.”

Because, he is a man.

10. “You know all my secrets”

No, you don’t. And you probably never will, for better or for worse.


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